Why Adding Captions To Your Videos Is VITAL! (Tutorial)

Captions Facebook Videos

Did you know, the average watch time for a video on Facebook is only 6 seconds…?

Meaning, you could be spending hours filming, editing and sharing your videos only for nobody to really watch them.

Sayyyy whaaat! Nobody wants that.

How To Get More Video Views On Facebook

You don’t want to spend hours creating a video, only for people to not watch it, right? You should be doing everything you can to keep people watching your videos for as long as possible.

One of the best ways to get more video views AND to increase video watch time is by adding captions.

In fact, if you’re not adding captions to your videos, you’re missing out massively. Adding captions to your videos can increase the average watch time by up to 40%.

Using Rev.com to add video captions

The best way to add captions to your videos is by using a website called Rev.com (Get $10 off your first order here).

It costs just $1 per minute to have a real person watch and add captions to your videos. If you were to do this yourself, it would take hours!

Save yourself the time and stress and get someone from Rev.com to do it. They’re super accurate and quick. It takes less than 24 hours to get your captions.

The captions are delivered in an .srt format. When you upload your video to Facebook (or Youtube), simply upload the file with it!

Boom – you’ll have more people watching and engaging with your content!

Get $10 Off Your First Rev Order Here: https://bit.ly/2ErzUCE

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