Best Advertising Agencies in the UK (Top 20+ Agencies 2022)

Finding the best advertising agency is no easy task.

IBIS World found that there are 7,196 Digital Advertising Agencies in the UK as of 2022, all specialising in different platforms and marketing strategies.

With so many agencies to choose from, how do you pick the right one?

Fortunately for you, we’ve devised a list of the Best Advertising Agencies in the UK so you don’t have to spend hours searching.

We’ve included a wide variety of agencies from video to influencer marketing, so you can see what’s out there.

Let’s jump in!

What makes a good advertising agency?

Before we get started, we need to look at what makes a good advertising agency.

If you’ve worked with marketing agencies before, you know there’s a possibility of being let down. But by keeping a few things in mind, you can limit your chances of finding a bad egg. Here are some things you need to think about when choosing the right agency.  

Are they a specialist?

First of all, does the agency have experience working with businesses in your industry? Selling t-shirts is very different to advertising medical services. Ensuring they specialise in your industry is essential for getting the best results. You need to look for agencies with a great portfolio and results that showcase what they can do.

When researching, take a look at their clients to get an idea of what industries they have experience with.

Do they have the talent & skills?

Now that you know that they work in your industry, it’s time to look at their skills. 

Every business will have different requirements, therefore it’s important to know whether the agency has the skillset you require. If you’re looking for a Facebook advertising agency, it’s important to understand whether they offer copywriting and graphic design, for example. 

Do they have channel expertise?

Where are you advertising? Whether it’s online or offline, you should look for expertise on that specific platform. Research their previous campaigns to see how effective their work is. 

A Facebook advertising agency is very different to a web design agency.

With all this in mind, let’s dive into our pick of the best 20 advertising agencies in the UK.

Best Advertising Agencies in the UK (Top 20+ Agencies 2022)

1. Yatter

Best Advertising Agencies - Yatter

Yes, we put ourselves first and why wouldn’t we?  

Yatter is an advertising agency based in Edinburgh that specialises in PPC (Facebook, Google and TikTok ads mostly).

Regardless of the channel, we have a team of experts that’ll handle everything from set-up and management all the way to the creative and copy.

Above all, customer experience is everything to us, so we take a continuous and proactive approach to client communication by reporting to you daily, weekly and monthly. 

We are extremely transparent and list many of our case studies and processes on our website.


2. Our Own Brand

best advertising agency - our own brand

Our Own Brand is an agency based in London that specialises in social media marketing, branding, web design and web development.

Established in 2018, Our Own Brand has worked with ASOS, Red Bull and Johnson’s.


3. Loud Mouth Media

best advertising agency - loud mouth media

Based in Belfast with offices in Glasgow and Dublin, Loud Mouth media are a PPC and social media advertising agency.

They have worked with Harry Corry, Four Star Pizza and Belleek Pottery.


4. Disrupt Marketing

disrupt agency - top ad agencies

Disrupt Marketing is an eCommerce and social media agency in London. They provide paid social media, youth marketing and influencers.

Founded in 2010, they are now part of Tomorrow Group. They have worked with Vinted, Ecco and Absolut.


5. Yours Sincerely

yours sincerely - best ad agencies

Based in Bristol, Yours Sincerely are a paid social advertising agency that offers PR, strategy and marketing services.

Also, they provide paid social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, and have worked with Fathom and Gunner&Co.


6. Wildfire London

wildfire - best london ad agency

Wildfire is an agency based in London that provides social advertising and marketing services. 

They are best known for their creativity and have worked with Amazon, ASCOT and M&S.


7. BrandOpus

brandopus ad agency

Brandopus are an agency of 60 experts who provide branding and package design services.

Also, they work with consumer products and services, business, financial and retail services. They have worked with McCain, Britvic and Molson Coors.


8. BBH Global

bbh global - ad agencies

Founded in 1982, BBH Global are an award-winning global brand based in London with offices worldwide. 

Moreover, they are known for their elegant style and have worked with Tesco, Barbie and Alpen.


9. Five by Five

five by five - list of best ad agencies uk

Five by Five specialises in product launches and are based in Southampton. They also work with digital strategy, branding, content marketing and PR.

Therefore, their clients include Activision, Bacardi and B&Q.

10. The Croc

With offices in the UK and USA, The Croc provide media planning, buying and other services to B2B companies.

They have been shortlisted for several awards including Best Multichannel Campaign 2021 B2B after working with clients like Cisco, Sohonet and Sitecore.


11. Global

Global are a multimedia agency based in London. They specialise in outdoor advertising traffic and shopping malls.

Also, they have worked with McDonalds, Coca Cola and Peugeot.

12. Contentology

Contentology is an advertising and digital marketing agency that offer strategy, content and marketing to B2B companies.

Based in Manchester, Contentology have worked with Samsung, Pearson and Sibleco.


13. The Tree

The Tree is a content marketing agency in London. They provide B2B services to clients in business service, information technology, hospitality and leisure. Also, they specialise in web design services and social media marketing.

They work with small and enterprise companies. These include JustEat and Ticketmaster.

14. Social Shepherd

Social Shepherd are a social media advertising agency that creates Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.

They have recently won awards at the Biddable Media Awards and have worked with Swoon and Fish Said Fred.


15. Push Group

Push Group are an award-winning online advertising agency. They have offices in the UK, Greece, the USA and the UAE. 

They have over 14 years of experience and are Facebook Premium Partners.


16. Gecko Squared

Gecko Squared are a Facebook and PPC marketing agency. Moreover, they specialise in creating Facebook Ad campaigns. They have a high focus on ongoing development from campaign results as well as monthly management.


17. Digital Team Media

Based in Manchester, Digital Team Media are a paid media and paid search agency for eCommerce brands.

They have worked with MissyEmpire, MuscleFood and Eatlean.


18. Skylark

Skylark are based in Bristol and creates advertising videos, animation and TV adverts.

They work with all different sizes of businesses to create videos that boost sales. They have worked with The Cornish Bakery and My Family Vets.

19. Toast

Toast is a TV advertising agency that specialises in video production, media planning and buying.

Founded in 2002, their clients include Olivia Brunton, Loaf and Innocent


20. TV Advertising

TV Advertising is a full-service TV agency in London. They specialise in media buying, planning and content creation for tv ads.

They have worked with TreatWell, 888 Sport and LaundrApp.


Wrapping Up…

Choosing an agency that can get results and communicate well is the key to having a long-lasting relationship.

Most importantly you need an agency that values you!

At Yatter, our priority is honesty and valuing our clients. We have £3m+ in client advertising per year and are a preferred Facebook Partner. Above all, we are trusted by our clients and achieve the best results for them.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we work, you can get in touch here.

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