Who Is The Best Google Ads Agency In The UK? Top 13+ Google Adveritising Agencies

Best Google Advertising Agencies

Google – have you heard of her?

The internet’s largest search engine and advertising platform. 

Over 60,000 Google searches happen every single second. 

“Florists near me”

“How long do you cook an egg?”

“How do I stop going bald?”

People searching Google want solutions and answers. They are actively looking for something, which makes it a perfect channel for you to advertise on. 

Picture this. Someone is searching for dog groomers, you’ve got an attention-grabbing ad that pops up at the top of their search list. BAM! They’ve clicked on your site and are booking an appointment.

Simple in theory. More complicated in practice – which is why you’re probably looking for the best Google Ad Agency to partner with.

If you’ve worked with a Google ad agency before, chances are you’ve had 1 or 2 bad experiences. That’s why we’ve created this article to list the best Google Ad agencies in the UK.

What makes a great Google Ad agency?

We’ve heard the horror stories from our clients about Google ad agencies they’ve worked with – little management, no reporting, terrible results etc. We’re on a mission to stop those types of stories from happening.

It’s essential that you know what makes a great agency, what to look out for and what questions to ask when choosing the right one for you.

PPC is the umbrella term which Google Ads falls under. We created another list of the Top 13 PPC Agencies UK 2022 – Yatter, take a look and apply the tips we’ve created there.

Do they have relevant experience in Google ads?

First things first, do some digging.

Research the agency. What experience do they have? Do they specialise in Google Ads? Have they worked in your industry before? 

Take a read through their case studies on their site. This should give you a good indication of the work and experience they’ve done. If you can’t find anything, ask them to show you some previous results and how they approach campaigns.

Google Knowledge

Leading on from experience, the agency should have a deep understanding of Google Ads.

They need to understand the platform and know the best practices to get the results you want. Google advertising incorporates Google Search, Google Display and YouTube advertising, so find out what areas they have the most experience in.

Data Tracking and Reporting

Data is arguably the most important part of advertising.

The agency you choose should know how to read and analyse your data so they can adjust your campaigns.

Be aware of bad agencies that will use data to confuse you or hold your data hostage if you decide to end the partnership. Make sure they are showing you your data in a form that’s easy to read and understand. Also, make sure you own the ad account you’re running ads from.

Clear Communication

Like with any other agency, it’s vital you know whether or not the money you’re investing is resulting in a positive return on investment. Your agency should be able to clearly communicate this to you. 

Your Google Ads agency should feel like an extension of your marketing team. They should communicate regularly about what they’re doing, what’s working and what isn’t. 

If you wonder what makes the best google advertising agencies, set your goals and be clear with an agency on what you expect from them. Make sure they are transparent with you. 

Now that you know what to look for, let’s dive right into our list!

Best Google Advertising Agencies In 2022 (Top 13+ UK Agencies)


1. Yatter

Yatter Google Ads Agency

That’s right, we’re putting ourselves first and we have every reason to!

At Yatter, we guarantee to bring you expertly crafted Google ad campaigns across Search, Display and YouTube. All of our Google ad services include expert copywriting and since we’ve written thousands of ads, we know what it takes to get someone to click and buy.

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of any Display and YouTube campaign. Our account managers will guide you regarding what types of videos, images and ads work best. Our inhouse creative team can create any graphics or videos required.

Successful Google ad campaigns require continuous management and optimisation, that’s why we check clients’ accounts every day to keep things moving smoothly.

Customer service is the backbone of Yatter, that’s why we provide all our clients with continuous and transparent communication, reporting daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. All our clients receive a dedicated account manager who is there to support you and regularly report on performance and actions.

Take a look at our case studies to see for yourself!

Ads Agency Audit

2. PPC Geeks

Google Ad agency - PPC Geeks

PPC Geeks is an agency based in London. They specialise in Google Ads and optimisation and are Google Premier Partners. They pride themselves on taking a data first approach and eliminating wasted advertising spend.

3. One PPC Agency

One PPC Agency Google Ads Agency

Based in London, One PPC Agency are Google Premier Partners and provide several Google Ads services such as search ads, video ads and mobile ads. They have no long term contracts and pride themselves on their reporting.

4. Hello Seed

Hello Seed - Google Ads Agency

Hello Seed are based in Brighton and focus on digital marketing. They offer PPC services spanning across Google, Bing and Apple Search.

5. Loud Mouth Media

Loud mouth media - Google ad agency

Loud Mouth Media are a PPC and social media advertising agency with offices in Belfast, Dublin, London and Glasgow. They create cost-effective search campaigns and specialise in keywords. They are a Google Premier Partners as well as Facebook and Bing partners.

6. Push Group

Push - Google Ads Agency

Push Group are an award-winning online marketing agency. They are based in London and have offices in Greece, the USA and the UAE. They provide a variety of Google Ad services, particularly video.

7. Mabo

Mabo - Google Ads Agency

Based in Middlesbrough, Mabo is a Google Ads Management agency. They have won several awards and pride themselves on their honest results.

8. Circus PPC

Circus PPC Google Ads Agency

Circus PPC is a PPC agency based in Leeds who specialise in retail and Ecommerce PPC. They are a Google Partner and have worked with big names such as ITV and Skype.

9. Pepper Agency

Pepper Google Ads Agency

Pepper Agency is a Google Ads agency with offices in London and Leeds. They express how they always value profit over traffic and how important data is to them. They are also a Google Ads Partner.

10. Maple Forest

Maple Forest Google Ads Agency

Maple Forest are a PPC management agency based in London who specialise in Google Ads PPC. They are a Google and Bing Partner and create for many social media channels such as YouTube.

11. Digital Uncut

Digital Uncut Google Ads Agency

Digital Uncut are a B2B PPC agency based in London who help start up and scale up companies. They are also a Google Premier Partner.

12. Bind Media

Bind Media Google Ads Agency

Bind Media are a PPC agency based in Bath who are Google and Bing Partners. They specialise in a multi-media approach to PPC.

13. Herdl

Herdl Google Ads Agency

Herdl are a lead-generation PPC agency based in Leicester, London and Nottingham. They are an accredited Google Partner Agency. Herdl describe themselves as thriving “on new challenges and enjoy tackling projects of all shapes and sizes”.


Wrapping up…

With Google Ads being such a big opportunity, it’s a no-brainer for you to start advertising there (if you haven’t already). Like any advertising channel, it can be a great way to generate more leads and sales. At the same time, it can be an easy way to lose money if you choose the wrong agency partner. 

Hopefully this article has shed some light on some of the best Google Advertising Agencies in the UK. If you’d like to get started with our expert team here at Yatter, book in a free advertising audit here.

Ads Agency Audit



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