Should You Buy Facebook Page Likes?

Should I buy Facebook page likes?

Should I buy Facebook likes?” is a question I hear a lot and one I think needs to be answered.

On one hand, people don’t like to be seen with a small number of likes, but on the other hand, theres an argument that likes don’t mean anything these days due to Facebook’s algorithm (because your posts don’t reach your fans anyway).

In this article I’ll talk through the different ways of buying likes, whether it’s worth it and whether you should do it.

There are 2 main ways you can buy Facebook page likes:

  1. Buying them in bulk from a clickfarm
  2. Using the ‘Promote Your Page’ objective in the ads manager

Buying Facebook Likes in bulk

One method of buying Facebook likes is buying them in bulk.

You’ve probably seen the offers scattered around the internet: “Buy 10,000 Facebook likes for £19”. Ever been tempted by it?

You’ve probably seen claims such as “REAL likes!” which might make it seem like a bargain. But what actually is “real”? Yes, the might be real people, they don’t have any interest in what you do: thus deeming them pointless.

Let me explain…

Fake Facebook Likes Negatively affect Your Reach

If you have 10,000 likes and none of them engage with your content (because they’re either fake or don’t care), your EdgeRank will suffer.

EdgeRank is the algorithm that determines which posts go into users news feeds. As you’ll know, it’s hard enough to get your posts seen by your fans, so by buying likes, you make it even harder.

Essentially, you’re diluting your real fans.

No business value

The value in growing a Facebook page with real likes is the fact that they may one day become customers. If you’re nurturing them over time and providing them with value, they may seek to buy your services one day.

If the people who like your page are fake/have no interest, they’re never going to buy your product/service. If you want to use Facebook to derive any sort of business value, then you’re wasting your money buying Facebook likes like this.

The only thing that benefits from buying likes like this is your ego.

Using the ‘Promote your page’ objective in the ads manager

The second option you have is using the Facebook ads manager and advertising your page for likes, using the ‘Promote your page’ objective. I’m not going to go deep into why you should use Facebook ads here, but the targeting capabilities mean you’re able to get your page in front of the exact people you want to like your page.

Why do it this way?

You’re able to spend as little as $1 per day on a Facebook likes campaign. Because of the targeting capabilities, you know everyone that likes your page because of your ad, should have an interest in what you do. As long as you target a relevant audience…

This means you can nurture your audience over time and convert them into customers.

How to set up a Facebook page likes campaign

1. Click on Create advert

Head on over to your ads manager and click on the green ‘create ad’ button.

2. Click on engagement, then page likes

Choose the Engagement objective and then select page likes.

Creating a Facebook Page Likes ad

3. Choose your targeting & budget

Here’s where the magic happens. You can target people here by demographics, interests and behaviours. Nobody knows your customer more than you do, so go through all the different targeting features here and fill them in.

Selecting your audience for a facebook page likes ad

4. Ad image, copy & placement

Once you’ve chosen who you want your advert to be served to, you get to choose what the advert looks like. Here I’d reccomend playing with different images to see which ones convert best. Write some copy here that give people a reason to like your page.

Writing the copy for a Facebook page likes ad

5. Place order!

And once you’ve done that, simply click on the green ‘place order’ button! Your ad will go into review and will go live shortly!

As you’ve seen in this article, there are two main ways to buy Facebook likes. Buying in bulk is a quick, easy option that has no business benefit. But buying Facebook likes through the ads manager is an easy way to grow a relevant audience. It’s then down to you to provide valuable content to that audience over time, to convert them into paying customers.


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