From $10k To $100k Months In Less Than A Year​

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How Yatter helped Cinegrams 10X their monthly revenue through Meta and Google advertising

Facebook ads

Over £360,000 generated

Facebook reach

Over 6,100 sales

Ticket Sales Online

10X in monthly revenue

About Cinegrams

Cinegrams is a leading provider of digital assets for creators, offering a wide range of high-quality overlays, transitions, LUTs, and special effects. 

With a thriving online community of over 250,000 creators, Cinegrams has successfully built a strong following on social media.

When they came to Yatter, their aim was to take their online store to the next level and establish themselves as market leaders by monetising their audience through e-commerce sales.

“The team at Yatter have been instrumental in driving my business towards remarkable success so far. Keir is a standout professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. His expertise, dedication, and ability to smash goals consistently have played a significant role in our success.

I’m incredibly grateful for their impact on my business and highly recommend them to anyone seeking to take their business to the next level.”

Jamie Robbins, CEO Cinegrams

The Challenge

Cinegrams knew they had to take advantage of their organic traction but didn’t have the resources to do this in-house.

They had tried other freelancers and agencies – through platforms such as Fiverr – but this never provided the results they needed. 

Cinegrams then approached Yatter – after seeing our own advertising – with a clear objective to rapidly scale their business.

They were in search of an ambitious paid advertising agency with e-commerce expertise that could help them scale.

Our Approach

Like with any Yatter client, we kicked the relationship off by performing extensive competitor and market research. From this, we were able to identify marketing opportunities and tailor a custom strategy that took advantage of the organic traction the client had already achieved.

We used our proprietary Yatter testing framework to systematically test the different value propositions, constantly learning which audiences, value propositions and creative messaging performed best.

We started off with a modest budget of $2,000 per month which was used to prove profitability. With a modest budget, it can often be challenging to get out of the learning phase and gather enough data, but with our testing framework, we were able to navigate this and show profit within the first month.

We knew we wanted to take advantage of the organic traction that Cinegrams had already garnered, so we kicked off the campaigns targeting lookalike audiences from website traffic, social engagement and customer files. Once this started to perform, we used Advantage+ campaigns to scale.

We tested hundreds of creative styles in line with our value proposition testing to find what performed best. Quickly we noticed trends in what creative styles and angles were performing best, so we then went all-in on those which was a large contributing factor in our ability to scale so fast.


In just the first 8 months since we started working with Cinegrams, we have generated over 6,100 sales, resulting in $360,000+ of revenue being generated.

In just 8 months, we have been able to scale their ad spend from a just $2,000 to $30,000 per month, resulting in over $100k revenue being generated per month (with 85% net margin).

Often people will say you need large budgets to take advantage of paid advertising, but that is not the case. It is possible to start with modest budgets, prove profitability, before scaling.

In a short space of time, Cinegrams have gone from making $10k per month to $100k per month and there’s mutual feeling between us and them that this is just the beginning. We’ve had such a dent in the overall industry, that we now have a number of competitors trying to copy our ad creatives.

Next Steps

As we continue working closely with Cinegrams, our focus remains the same: continue to scale the business. 

We plan on doing this by expanding into Europe and Worldwide – continuously testing new audiences, copy angles, creatives, offers and products to find the most profitable combinations. 

We will also be introducing other channels into the mix, such as Google to further widen their reach.

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