Black Friday Campaign For E-Commerce Store

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How we helped an E-Commerce store achieve a ROAS of 11.89 during Black Friday

Facebook ads

Over £51,065.50 generated

Facebook reach

Over 256,000 people reached

Ticket Sales Online

Over 1,204 new customers

About the client

The client approached us a couple of months before Black Friday to get support with their Black Friday campaign. They are a sports apparel brand, focussing specifically on the football market (soccer for our American friends!)

They had a large audience already but wanted to build awareness and squeeze as many sales as possible in the short window that we had. They had never run a proper Black Friday campaign before so this was a bit of a test for them.

Yatter Our Approach

Our Approach

We have a set framework we use for campaigns like Black Friday. This has been tested over the last 7+ years and gets honed every year. 

Instead of running the campaign on Black Friday for 24 hours, or even for just the weekend Black Friday-Cyber Monday, we extend the campaign out much further.

  • 2-3 weeks before: run list-building campaigns to generate leads. Try and get high-value data, such as phone numbers for SMS.
  • 3-5 days before: run a campaign specifically to those who signed up to lead generation campaign – this creates a buzz.
  • On the day: Launch main campaigns on the event
  • After event: Run the campaigns until no longer applicable OR they stop generating a profit. Don’t turn them off if they’re making you money (even if that means wrong dates etc.)


In total, we spent £4,295.73, reached 256,602 people and generated a beautiful £51,065.50 which is a ROAS of 11.89 (1,204 sales). This was an extremely positive result considering it was the clients first run at a proper Black Friday campaign.

It gave the client the confidence in our framework which we’ll be repeating throughout the year with various offers – and we’ll be spending a lot more in 2022 to try add another ‘0’ onto the end of the revenue!

Ads shown are examples only.

Black Friday - Ecommerce
Black Friday - Ecommerce

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