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Foodies Festival

6.74x ROAS Achieved Across 8 Festivals

Facebook ads

Over 6,000 ticket sales

Facebook reach

27% increase in website traffic

Ticket Sales Online

Growth across 8 different locations

About Foodies Festival

Foodies Festival is the UK’s largest celebration of food & drink, providing visitors with the opportunity to feast on a vast array of culinary delights. They host annual festivals in different locations across the UK, from London to Edinburgh.

The Challenge

The goal was simple: to increase the number of sales for each event using Facebook & Instagram ads.

Increase Personal Brand

Aberdeen FC had no experience of paid activity on Facebook and wanted to test whether it could play a part in increasing season ticket sales for the 2017/2018 football league season. In previous years they had relied on traditional advertising efforts such as billboards and newspapers.

Gavin Bell

Client Name, CEO Aberdeen FC

Yatter Our Approach

Our Approach

Because the brand is so visually appealing, we knew how important it would be to showcase the feel of the festivals through our ads. We focused on creating compelling video & image content (food, drink & live music) and ran a huge number of tests to see which approach performed best. We averaged around 50 ad variations per event.

Because we were only targeting cold audiences (people who didn’t know us already), we knew we had to test the offer. We tried various offers ranging from 20% – 50% discounts to find which performed best from a ROAS/sales perspective.

We realised that different locations preferred different creative & offers, so we ran aggressive campaigns to determine which worked best before scaling the winners.


Across all campaigns we amassed over 12 million impressions.

Sold over 6,000 tickets across 8 events.​

Achieved a ROAS of 6.74, meaning we made £6.74 back for every £1 spent.

Yatter Foodies Festival Results
Yatter Foodies Festival Results
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