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About Faultless Fitness

Faultless Fitness is a gym based in Hereford, UK. It’s not just any old gym, though. Their mission is to provide clients with a fun and comfortable environment to become stronger, more active, and more flexible. They want their clients to feel great whether they’re already comfortable in the gym or have never stepped foot in one.

The Challenge

The client had previously run ads in-house but had encountered two principal problems:
Number 1

The results they were getting weren’t sustainable, dropping quickly after launching.

Number 2

They didn’t have enough time to give the ads the attention they needed.

They needed to work with an agency with experience in their industry to deliver qualified leads on demand. Faultless Fitness is in a very competitive market with other gyms, fighting for the same leads in a small town. They needed a system that could generate leads consistently.
Increase Personal Brand

Aberdeen FC had no experience of paid activity on Facebook and wanted to test whether it could play a part in increasing season ticket sales for the 2017/2018 football league season. In previous years they had relied on traditional advertising efforts such as billboards and newspapers.

Gavin Bell

Client Name, CEO Aberdeen FC

Yatter Our Approach

Our Approach

Before we launched any campaigns, we ran extensive competitor research to see what we were competing against. Because Hereford is a small town, it was essential to identify competitor offerings and understand how they were marketing their services.

We noticed an opportunity to drown out the competition by creating educational video content. So, we had the client create instructional videos for their gym, explicitly focusing on their results. We promoted the videos to people in the local area, gaining huge trust reach for minimal cost.

Then, we built a funnel that pushed free consultations (and a money-back guarantee) and executed campaigns that drove people to book a consultation (after qualification).

We broke our campaigns into male and female, changing the ad creative and messaging based on gender – making the content more relevant to each audience sector.


We created a system that achieved a consistent cost per lead of just £22.97. Because we had such great consistency, we were able to “turn the tap” on or off depending on whether the client needed more leads or not.​

Our content promotion campaign was seen over 30,000 times which is half the town’s population, increasing brand awareness tremendously. This has positively impacted the gym’s marketing for months and years to come.​

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