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Toronto-based Gym

$60,000+ In Annual Recurring Revenue

Facebook ads

$60,000+ in New Annual Revenue

Facebook reach

70,000 people in Toronto reached

Ticket Sales Online

50 new annual paying members

About The Gym

Under NDA, we can’t disclose the name of the gym. However, they are based in Toronto and have an average membership cost of $100 per month.

The Challenge

The gym came to us looking for a campaign to boost gym membership numbers. They had dabbled in paid advertising on Facebook, but had never managed to bring in leads consistently or reliably. Their “strategy” consisted of blindly boosting posts, which of course meant there was no real way to track or understand performance.

Increase Personal Brand

Aberdeen FC had no experience of paid activity on Facebook and wanted to test whether it could play a part in increasing season ticket sales for the 2017/2018 football league season. In previous years they had relied on traditional advertising efforts such as billboards and newspapers.

Gavin Bell

Client Name, CEO Aberdeen FC

Yatter Our Approach

Our Approach

We opted to run a competition funnel for the gym, asking people to enter their details for a chance to win free personal training for a whole year. As well as this, everyone who entered received a free 5-day gym pass.

Because the gym had a competent sales team, we knew the key was to get people through the gym doors. If we just got people through the door (with the 5-day pass), we could close a high percentage of them.

Everyone who entered the competition was encouraged via automated emails to share the competition with a friend for more entries. This gave the competition an element of virality.


We had a lot of success with the campaign, reaching over 70,000 people across Toronto and adding over $60,000 in new annual recurring revenue (this doesn’t take into account those who signed up 2-3 months after the competition).

Gym Leads
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