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How We Helped The NeuroMetabolic Institute To Generate Over 691 Qualified Diabetes Leads For Health Center.

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About NeuroMetabolic Institute

The NeuroMetabolic Institute is a holistic health centre based in Kentucky, USA. The practice concentrates on supporting conditions such as: Type 2 Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Peripheral Neuropathy or Diabetic Neuropathy, ADHD-ADD, and all spinal conditions (knee, shoulder, neck, back).

The Challenge

Dr Anthony Sears approached us to help with generating more leads for their Diabetes, Neuropathy and Thyroid services. They had worked with a previous agency in the past and had a funnel that converted well, but the previous agency had “ran out of steam” and were no longer getting the results they needed to scale. In order for them to continue growing they needed to increase the number of qualified leads coming into the business.

Increase Personal Brand

Aberdeen FC had no experience of paid activity on Facebook and wanted to test whether it could play a part in increasing season ticket sales for the 2017/2018 football league season. In previous years they had relied on traditional advertising efforts such as billboards and newspapers.

Gavin Bell

Client Name, CEO Aberdeen FC

Yatter Our Approach

Our Approach

Our first strategy was to take what was already working and improve it. We made changes to their landing pages and completely rebuilt their ad strategy, moving away from old-school “spammy” advertising copy, towards more refreshed educational and entertaining copy. 

We rolled out new test funnels too. Initially we started with a seminar funnel, but then we rolled out direct-to-consultation funnels to test whether we could continue generating leads without the overheads involved in running seminars.


With our landing page improvements, we were able to increase conversion rate from 10% to 25%.​

We also managed to bring the cost per seminar sign up down significantly to just $19.38 per lead.​

When we launched our direct-to-consult campaigns, we were able to achieve a CPL of $17.19 – whilst eliminating all the overheads involved in running seminars.​

Neuropathic Lead Generation
Neuropathic Lead Generation
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