Regenerative Medicine Lead Generation

Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine

Over 5,454 Qualified Leads

Facebook ads

Over $140,000 spent

Facebook reach

Over 3.8m ad impressions

Ticket Sales Online

$37.55 per qualified lead

About The Client

Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine’s mission is simple:
    • Provide healing to those who need it,
    • create hope in those who have lost it
    • deliver inspiration to those who seek it.
With the help of regenerative medicine, they help patients restore their natural health.

The Challenge

Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine wanted to generate more qualified consultations for their regenerative medicine services, mainly Stem Cell Therapy. They had been working with an agency previously to do this but failed to reach any level of scale and had the problem of low-quality leads.

Increase Personal Brand

Aberdeen FC had no experience of paid activity on Facebook and wanted to test whether it could play a part in increasing season ticket sales for the 2017/2018 football league season. In previous years they had relied on traditional advertising efforts such as billboards and newspapers.

Gavin Bell

Client Name, CEO Aberdeen FC

Yatter Our Approach

Our Approach

The client opted to run a seminar funnel, travelling to locations in and around Richmond, VA, delivering educational talks on regenerative medicine. The seminar funnel is great as it allows for the client to build trust and educate prospects before making an offer.

We executed campaigns to drive people to the seminars, using compelling copy and creative as the main driver. We used a lot of social proof and touched on the pain points of our perfect customer. Because we were operating in the health space, we had to carefully craft our copy to ensure it fitted within Facebook’s strict policies.


We were able to generate Over 5,400 qualified leads, filling up over 70 seminars. Our cost per lead was only $37. This resulted in millions of dollars of revenue for the client.

Regenerative Medicine Lead Generation
Regenerative Medicine Lead Generation
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