20+ Incredible Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire You in 2022

Do you want to see Facebook ads that will inspire you in 2022?

Despite the rise of platforms like TikTok, Facebook is still the most popular social media platform in the world with over 2.91 monthly active users (as of Q4 2021). 

And with over 10 million advertisers seeking to capture their attention, competition is fierce.

So how do you make your adverts stand out from the competition? 

That comes down to two things: the ad copy and creative.

In this guide, we’ll share 20+ of the best Facebook Ad Examples, taken from our own clients and others we love. Take a look and get inspiration for your own campaigns.

20+ Incredible Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire You in 2022

#1 Daniel Donato/Pickup Music

Daniel Donato Facebook Ad Example

This ad is unique and eye-catching for several reasons. 

The cactus catches attention and the guitar playing keeps it. 

This ad is promoting Pickup Music, but is coming from Daniel Donato’s page, a country music artist. This builds trust for the product, especially if the viewer is a fan of Daniels. 

The video shows consumers what they can learn and by including a free trial, it creates less risk for the consumer.


#2 StreamYard

 Streamyard Facebook Ad Example

This ad is targeted toward existing Streamyard users, sharing the benefits of upgrading to a paid account. This is super relevant to the people receiving the ad which is crucial. This is guaranteed to encourage free trials to upgrade to their paid plan.


#3 Kaliaaer 

Kaliaaer Facebook Ad Example

This ad is so colourful and eye-catching. By mentioning Celtic FC goalkeeper Joe Hart, trust is immediately built between Kaliaaer and the consumer. Especially when targeting Celtic FC fans with an interest in goalkeeping.


#4 Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee Facebook Ad Example

This ad is fantastic because of the offer. Everyone loves something that’s “free”. Yatter founder Gavin actually ordered one. The funnel is also great once you click through, as it invites you to start a subscription with them based on how much you drink. The free V60 will get people in the door and paying the subscription will make them money in the long run. 


#5 Speechify

Speechify Facebook Ad Example

This video ad from Speechify is absolutely hilarious. The ad has been viewed 19 million times. The video tells you everything you need to know about Speechify – plain and simple. However, by doing it in this over-exaggerated way, the viewer is entertained and hooked on their product.

Take a look here!


#6 Days Brewing

 Days Brewing Facebook Ad Example

This ad is an all round success! 

First of all the ad is so fresh and clean with high-quality photography.

They call out their 3 main points selling points and hook in the customer with that 10% off and free next day delivery.

Having their 700+ reviews is great social proof that creates trust in the company. 


#7 Peloton

Peloton Facebook Ad Example

The ad is very simple – with no elaborate copy or designs. 

But with Peloton’s brand awareness, they don’t need to go overboard. Larger brands like Peloton can get away with simple ads like this. They are showing the consumer what they could have.


#8 Hims

Hims Facebook Ad Example

They lead with a statistic which immediately catches attention. They then share how their product can help. The creative here plays on men’s fear of going bald. Interestingly they haven’t capitalised the headline here, but this looks to be a branding reason.


#9 Ritual

Ritual Facebook Ad Example

This is a really smart ad by Ritual, directing people to a Buzzfeed article they’re mentioned in. This is a good way to build social proof and  gain trust from your potential customer.

It’s important to note here they are sending traffic to another site and not theirs, so they won’t be able to retarget these users or track sales. But this ad will play part of a larger strategy.


#10 Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Facebook Ad Example

Dollar Shave Club have hit the nail on the head with this video ad.

Creating a tutorial like this is a great way to demonstrate the product correctly. You can show off how effective the product is and inform your customer of all its benefits.

This ad is simply laid out with the price, the four steps and the video.

Short, sweet and effective.


#11 Birchbox

Birchbox Facebook Ad Example

Leading with an offer is always a great way to create some buzz.

Birchbox hammer home their discount code three times in this ad alone.  Once in the headline, then in the photo and then down in the main body. They’re really putting it in your face whilst showing off their products.

Like Pact, they offer something for free to get you into their subscription.


#12 Kate Farms

Kate Farms Facebook Ad Example

This ad is super quirky and fun, which correlates with their brand and target audience.

The ‘doodle writing’ effect tells you all the important qualities of the product whilst looking cute and intriguing. It’s very trendy but still simple. Remember you’re not making something that has to go viral, you’re creating something that should compel people to click.

This ad is definitely ‘ever-green’ too, as being plant-based and gluten-free is a trend we’ll have for a good while.


#13 Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards Facebook Ad Example

This ad is so bold! No worder it made the list of 20 Facebook Ads to Inspire you in 2022!

Interesting and exciting does not necessarily mean colourful and cute.

Using just black and white, Penny Skateboard are showing their product by making it stand out and jump off your page. It looks super cool.

Colour theory is really powerful in advertising. It’s worth brushing up on the science and psychology behind colours before you start making your content.


#14 & #15 Calm

Calm Facebook Ad Examples

You’re going to think I just really love Calm but let me explain!

These ads pop up on my feed a lot, and every time I see them, I sit and watch the whole ad – not a lot of brands can do that. The vibe of these ads is so relaxing and tranquil, which obviously fits their branding. The headline “Stop scrolling and do nothing”, is attention grabbing and makes you want to do just that. 

Again, having reviews adds to your authenticity. Unlike the Ritual ad however, Calm have taken small snippets and quotes that are shown on their own ad rather than redirecting customers to other sites.

Look at that imagery! Makes you feel all cosy- which is what they intended.


#16 Headspace

Headspace Facebook Ad Example

Headspace uses an ad here for you to breathe along with their video. They’re giving you a taste of what their app is all about. This a fantastic idea to showcase your product in an interactive way rather than just visual.

Even if the customer doesn’t click on the link, the ad is so unique to any other that it is memorable. The customer may come back later or share with their friends and family.

 Although the ads charm is that it is quick and simple, there is some in-depth information in the header- you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Think about ways your can show your brand/business off in your ads like this.


#17 LEGO

LEGO Facebook Ad Example

Here we have an event ad!

Event ads are great to cause some buzz about the event you are hosting. Customers can share the event with their friends on Facebook by sending them an invitation.

The view event button will take you over to the event page, where you can sell your tickets.

Of course, LEGOs ads are always very visually appealing and colourful.

Be wary of event ads though, as often they can lead to lots of engagement (people saying they’re interested) but low actual conversion rates. It’s worth testing them against normal conversion campaigns.


#18 IKEA

IKEA Facebook Ad Example


IKEA ads always look very clean and refreshing. This is obviously to match their branding, but I think its also to relax the viewer and not bombard them with flashy headlines and images.

Their wording “Working from home” is very relevant to life just now. IKEA are keeping on top of current events and plainly showing the audience how they can improve their new working space.


#19 Lyft

Lyft Facebook Ad Example

This ad is so enticing but so simple!

People often ask us “how do we make a boring business look exciting?”. Well, here you go. This is a taxi company.

Showing the customer how happy they could be with your product is an obvious but super smart way to market. Hey, we all want to look as happy as this person when we’re in a taxi right?

The colours and the night-time vibe give us that happy, euphoric atmosphere!

One of these incredible Facebook Ads example will inspire you in 2022!


#20 Squarespace

Squarespace Facebook Ad Example

The repetition of “Free Trial” is great for getting the customer interested and getting them to move onto that next step in your funnel. Squarespace’s call-to-action is very clear and effective for getting sign ups.

This ad is obviously aimed at a specific audience, and they keep it professional and simple.

Of course, they’ve used a quote about how fabulous they are from their own users. Authenticating and backing up your brand is a trend we’ve seen throughout this article.


Wrapping up…

Facebook is a great tool to target your audience and get great exposure. However, you need to ensure your content is going to connect with your potential clients.

These Facebook Ads will inspire You in 2022 to create engaging and efficient content.

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