What Happens In The First 14 Days Of Working With Yatter?

First 14 days with Yatter

What Happens In The First 14 Days Of Working With Yatter?

A common question we’re asked when speaking to businesses interested in our services is “what happens after we sign up?

This is a great question because it’s often not clear what happens after signing up to work with an advertising agency. And there’s no worse feeling than being left in the dark after investing your money.

Which is why I’ve decided to write this article, outlining everything that happens after you sign up to work with Yatter.

The timelines below are a rough guide and will depend on your ability to get us what we need promptly. We aim to get you live as quickly as possible but will never rush on work – because everyone knows that’s how mistakes are made 🙂

Initial Payment

As soon as you agree to work with Yatter, the finance team will send you your first invoice to kick things off.

Your initial invoice will include everything required to get you set up properly and your first month of management.

Your advertising spend goes directly to the platform. There are no hidden fees with us, you simply pay a set fee each month.


Once we have received payment, we’ll send you an onboarding form which walks you through everything we need to get started, such as:

  • Access to your assets (Pages, ad accounts, CRMs, websites etc.)
  • Questions regarding your perfect customer
  • An understanding of your business & numbers
  • Access to your customer lists (for custom audiences) & creatives

The form takes roughly 45 minutes to complete. By investing in the time to complete the form, it means we then have access to everything we need and don’t need to chase you up for it at a later date.

The onboarding form can be completed at different times. You can start it one day and come back to it another day – all your answers will be saved.

Day 0 – Onboarding Complete

Once you’ve completed the onboarding form, you will be introduced to your account manager via email.

We will run through your onboarding form to ensure we have everything we need and will reach out to you to arrange an initial strategy meeting.

Days 1-3 – Initial Strategy Call

Ideally, we like to have the initial strategy call with you within the first 3 days of your onboarding being complete. This is a chance for you to meet your account manager and for the account manager to run through your onboarding and ask any additional questions they may have.

On this call, we like to focus on things such as your goals, expectations, and requirements. It’s important for us to ensure that both parties are fully on the same page.

We don’t dive deep into strategy on this call (that comes later). This call is a fact-finding exercise and a great way for you to meet the amazing account manager you’ll be working with!

Your account manager will often ask you to repeat questions you’ve already answered in the onboarding. But we do this on purpose to ensure we have full clarity on the important parts of your business.

On this call, we will arrange a follow-up call 3-4 days later to present you with our game plan.

Days 4-5 – Discovery Process

Straight after the strategy call, your account manager will begin the discovery process.

They will take all of the information they have about your business (from the onboarding and initial strategy call) and will perform a comprehensive audit on your marketing, competitors and the market.

This provides a huge amount of context on things like your marketing strategy, what offers your competitors have, who’s advertising in your space and what’s working in the industry as a whole.

By diving deep into all of the above, we’re able to see what our best approach will be. From there, we will put together a game plan ready to present to you.

Days 6-7 – Game plan presentation & copy approval

The game plan is a personalised strategy document we put together and present to you where we share all the findings from the discovery phase and outline the strategy we feel is best suited to help you achieve your goals.

On the call, we’ll run through:

  • What your competitors are doing and what we can learn from them
  • Quick wins we’ve found for you (business & marketing wins)
  • The strategy we’ll use to get quick and sustainable results

After the game plan call, we get straight to work on drafting up your advertising copy (the written part of your ads).

Our expert copywriters typically write between 3-5 initial pieces of copy for you to approve. The copy drafts are sent to you on a Google Doc so you have the chance to leave any thoughts and comments.

Days 8-9 – Foundations process

Once the game plan has been approved, we immediately get to work on your campaigns, starting the Foundations process. This is where the team get to work on getting all the “plumbing” in place. This includes things like the Facebook Pixel, Google tracking codes or Linkedin’s Insight Tag.

I won’t bore you with everything we do on each platform, but on Facebook that means things like:

  • Verify Domain & connect to the Facebook page (using connected assets)
  • Add Facebook pixel code to funnel & website using Conversion API
  • Check the pixel is working properly across the website and funnel pages
  • Ensure advanced matching is turned on (view all options and turn all on)
  • Ensure first-party cookies are turned on
  • Set up the Aggregated Event Measurements, maximising the number of events
  • Create conversion tracking inside the Facebook Events Manager
  • Ensure the client funnel is hooked up to their CRM/Email-marketing software
  • Set up custom metrics tracking in FB Ads Manager (everyone with access to the account to do this)

Every business has different set-up needs. In short, we make sure all your tracking is set up and working effectively. That way you know where every penny is being spent and what it’s generating.

If you already have tracking set up, we will still take time to ensure everything is set up properly. This often includes having to liaise with your web developer or tech team.

Day 9 – Campaign build & go live!

Once the foundations are in place and everything has been tested, we begin building the campaign based on the game plan strategy.

By this point, everything has already been planned and approved, so the build itself is relatively quick to get live. We will typically build at least three types of campaigns:

  • Trust building – driving ads to your content to build your audience (building your retargeting audience)
  • Prospecting – driving ads to people who don’t know who you are yet
  • Retargeting – driving ads to people who have engaged with your business previously (watched videos, purchased something, on your mailing list etc.)

Every client and situation is different.

Your account manager will have presented the personalised strategy for your business during the game plan.

Once the campaigns are ready to go, we’ll record a quick loom video to walk you through everything. That’s your chance to ask any final questions and provide any thoughts.

After final approval, we’ll go live!

Days 10-14 – Initial results

Once the ads have been published, they’ll go through an approval process. This typically takes a couple of hours but can take up to 24 hours in some cases.

Once the ads are actually live, we “look, but don’t touch” for the first couple of days (budget dependent). This may sound counterintuitive, but it is important to give the platform time to learn and optimise.

Once your campaigns are live, we ask clients not to touch campaigns in general, leaving all management to us. If a client makes a chance without letting us know, it can interrupt performance and reporting.

After a couple of days, we’ll update you on how things are going and what we’re going to do as a result.

Next steps…

And there we have it – that’s what we get up to in the first two weeks of working with a new client. As you can see, it’s a very important part of the relationship so we put in a huge amount of work to ensure that the client has a great experience and the campaigns get off to a great start.

It’s impossible to know what results to expect once we go live, but we do everything possible to ensure you get some early success.

After the first 14 days, our main goals become optimising the campaigns to consistently drive more sales/leads at the best cost possible. And once we’re at a cost per sale/lead that fits with the clients’ goals, we aim to scale the budget as aggressively as possible. The more you spend, the more profit you make.

We report back to all clients on a weekly (minimum) basis by email and a more formal, monthly report.

If you’re interested in working with Yatter, get in touch today. If you’ve already agreed to work with Yatter, welcome aboard! You’ve made a wise choice 🙂


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