Does Follow/Unfollow Really Work On Instagram?

Follow unfollow instagram

I don’t know how to say this… I’ve done something bad.

I tried the follow & unfollow Instagram method – shame on me!

BUT I wanted to get some answers.

Does it help you get more Instagram followers?

Is it spammy or beneficial?

Let’s find out.

The Instagram Follow & Unfollow Method

I like to try different marketing experiments.

If I’m giving marketing advice, it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t.

Personally, I thought I would see no benefit in doing follow/unfollow. I thought I’d get more followers but not the ones I’d wanted (i.e fake profiles).

For me, social media is a platform for networking, interacting & building my brand.

The follow & unfollow tool is great if you want to purely grow your follower count. (y’know, if you’re a fabulous #Instamodel #influencer)

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Is it so great if you’re wanting to grow a community that will potentially grow your business?

Not so much.

The Best Instagram Follow & Unfollow Tool

The follow & unfollow tool I chose for this experiment is called Stim Social.

It lets you specifically target people’s audiences that you want yourself.

For me, an example would be people that have an interest in Gary Vaynerchuck; business owners, entrepreneurs or people who are simply interested in personal development.

Having chosen the accounts, Stim would then start following and unfollowing Gary Vee’s followers, in the hope they would follow me back.

My followers started to grow, anything from 30-50 per day through Stim.

Success! Easy follower growth. Or was it…

At the end of the month when I stopped the follow/unfollow bot, my follower numbers started to decline by 20 or 30 each day…

When I unfollowed accounts, they unfollowed me.

Overall I gained roughly 300 followers from the follow & unfollow experiment.

If you’re looking for purely an ego boost or vanity metrics – this tools for you.

How to Get More Instagram Followers (Or Not…)

Would I recommend? Nope.

I had no gain.

No conversations, no leads, no sales, no financial gain… just some more numbers added to my follower account.

This experiment has proven my thesis that I would get more followers but no real benefit from them.

Be aware that Instagram is cracking down on these tools, they don’t want bots controlling the platform. Anyone using fake profiles or using bots, such as Stim Social are at risk of getting shut down.

Instead, try growing your Instagram using the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk’s $1.80 method.

Actually starting a conversation through direct messages with like-minded people – the opportunities are countless.

Besides, 5 more followers that are real, genuine people is 100x better than hundreds of fake followers that do nothing for you and your profile.

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Was this marketing experiment beneficial? It’s a thumbs-down from me.

Let’s cut out the crappy marketing and get back to basics, build trust and relationships with real human beings.

Things that actually work, like PPC.

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