Google Advertising Audit by Yatter

Granting access is easy.

Simply follow these steps and you’ll be done in 2 minutes 🙂

Google Ads Audit - Yatter

Google Ads

  1. Go to Google Ads.
  2. Sign in, ensuring you select the correct Google ad account.
  3. When signed in, you’ll see a series of numbers in the top right of your screen (ie. xxx-xxx-xxxx)
  4. Copy that ID and send it to us via email.
  5. Once we have your ad account ID, we’ll request access to your ad account from the Yatter MCC account. 
  6. You’ll receive an email inviting you to accept. 
  7. Once accepted, we’ll have access!

Google Analytics

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Select the “admin” tab and navigate to the desired account.
  3. In the account property/view column, click user management.
  4. Click the +, enter and grant admin access.

Google Tag Manager

  1. Head to Google Tag Manager.
  2. Click on Admin.
  3. Then Account -> User Management.
  4. Click the plus (+), add new users and then add
  5. Select admin permissions.

If you don’t use Tag Manager, you can skip this step. Just let us know!

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