Facebook Ads Guide: A List of the Best Resources

Facebook Ads Guide- A List Of The Best Resources

Facebook advertising can be a complex beast. If you’re new to Facebook ads, the whole concept can look and feel really daunting. But, it’s hugely important to have at least a basic understanding of Facebook ads – even if you’re looking to outsource yours.


Facebook ads are one of your biggest business opportunities right now.

In order to get the best results you need to know how they work. Without having a real strategy, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

In this post, you’ll find every resource you need to educate yourself on Facebook advertising, whether you’re a newbie or more advanced advertiser.

Let’s dive in shall we?

Facebook Marketing Resources

Facebook Ads For Beginners

If you say “WTF?!” when someone mentions Facebook ads to you, these are the resources you need.

Perhaps you have experimented a little – but you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Let me just say one thing first: Facebook ads aren’t the answer to all your problems. Don’t expect to put some ads up and see the $$$ role in instantly!

With these resources, you should be able to build up a good understanding of what Facebook ads are and how you can start to use them.

Facebook Ads For Intermediates

You know what Facebook ads are, but you’re not too sure on how to set a campaign up.

You’ve maybe spent a few hundred pounds/dollars, here and there, but have never fully invested.

There are lots of intermediate resources out there, including the majority of the content on my blog. These are the best resources for you if you’ve spent some money on Facebook but need a little more guidance to take things to the next level.

Advanced Facebook Advertisers

You’re running regular Facebook ad campaigns and you’ve got your funnel in place.

You want to make sure you’re up to date with the latest updates from Facebook and you have a good solid understanding of what it takes to run a campaign.

  • Jon Loomer: Power Hitters Club (Jon Loomer is great for those looking to become FB marketers – this is a paid membership)
  • Paul Ramondo Funnels 101 (My good friend from down ‘unda and his awesome funnels course. This could arguably fit into any category as it starts basic and walks you through)

The truth is, learning how to run successful Facebook advertising campaigns takes time (and budget). You need to be willing to invest in the process of learning what works.

It’s a process of testing and learning. It’s very rare to hit a home run on the first campaign you launch.

Even if it’s just a little, start running some ads on Facebook and see what works for you. Like with anything, you can learn all the theory, but unless it’s practiced, that theory is useless.

Wherever you are on your Facebook ads journey, I hope this guide gives you the resources you need to take your business up a notch. If you have a resource that would like to be featured, get in touch and let me know.


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