How To Create Amazing Instagram Ads | 2021 Tutorial

How to create instagram ads

Instagram ads are one of your biggest business opportunities right now.

I don’t say that lightly either.

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users and it’s growing. It’s not just a place for half-naked ‘influencers’ to post, it’s a platform all businesses should be taking seriously. Because there’s a ton of attention on it.

When people are on Instagram, they are ON Instagram. The attention is there.

With Instagram ads, you have the same capabilities with targeting and creative as you do in a Facebook ad, but it costs you less (typically).

How much do Instagram ads cost?

Back in April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. Only in 2015 did they release the ad platform.

Because the advertising platform on Instagram is still so new (in internet terms), it is cheap. We’re currently seeing a CPM on Instagram story ads as low as £2-3 which is unheard of. The cost of advertising on Instagram will rise as more and more advertisers flock to the platform – hence why it’s so important to be there now.

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through how to create an incredible Instagram advertising campaign that can help you generate leads, sales, followers and more.

How to create Instagram ads

Instagram ads are created in the exact same way as you’d create a Facebook ad.

To get started, head into your Facebook ads manager and click on Create campaign.

Then, just like we would in a Facebook ad campaign, we need to choose our advertising objective. This is where we tell Facebook how we want we want to achieve with our ads.

There’s no right or wrong answer to which one you want to use. However, if you’re looking to generate leads or sales, conversions will be your best best.

Facebook Ads Objective

Once we’ve chosen our ad objective, we’re then taken to the ad set level.

Head to the audience section and choose who you would like to target with your ads. Just like Facebook, you can target people based on interests, demographics and behaviours. The targeting options are no different on Instagram.

Selecting Your audience targeting

Once that’s done, head to placements. This is the most important part of all of this – because this is where we tell Facebook we only want to run our ads on Instagram.

You have two options for running ads on Instagram. You can either run ads in the feed or as Instagram stories. What you choose is going to depend on your goals and what creative you have available to you. I would recommend running both to begin with and then seeing which performs best.

Running ads on Instagram

Once you’ve done that, select your budget and hit confirm.

Once you hit confirm, it’s going to take you to the ad level. This is where you get to design the advert that people will see on their feeds. This is super important on Instagram, more than anywhere else, as Instagram is such a visual app.

Your ad needs to fit in with the type of content people are used to consuming on the platform.

Just like a Facebook ad, you have the option to run images or videos.

create instagram ad

There you go! That’s how to create awesome Instagram ads. Simply create them in the same way you’d create a Facebook ad, but select Instagram as the placement. Then, when designing your advert, just keep in mind what people go on Instagram for.

Design your ad in a way that looks good on the platform.

For the full training, watch below 🙂

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