How We Achieved A ROAS of 11.04 For An eCommerce Client


The Challenge

Recently, an eCommerce client reached out to us looking for help on their ads. They had run ads previously but struggled to generate a high ROAS due to the nature of the product – it’s very niche.

The client is an eCommerce parts retailer for different appliances. They sell everything from washer filters to ice makers online – not products you would buy regularly.

Essentially, their aim was to get as many sales as possible at a profitable rate. They originally expected a ROAS of around 6 or 7.

(Spoiler alert: we smashed it!)

Our Approach

First things first, we wanted to identify our target audience and capitalise on that.

We did some rigorous testing using lookalikes, broad and certain demographics. Through this testing, we found that homeowners and those interested in home-related magazines or DIY in general, were very responsive to the ads.

We also tested more with super wide age demographics. Some of those audiences were testing between ages 30 to 65, which is slightly higher than what we normally do. We do this because we like to allow the Meta pixel to accurately identify customers regardless of what age we ‘think’ will buy. This has been incredibly successful.

We also tested with category-specific ads as well. This is where the ads became super specific to the types of products and the types of problems people were facing. We addressed the problem and provided a solution straight away. This included going to very specific pages or speaking directly to people about the appliances, etc.

The ad copy was broader, but we directed customers straight to the part of the website related to their problem. So instead of going to their homepage, we directed them straight to the parts.


The total ad spend for the year was $383,402 and we made a total of 32,467 purchases.

We seen a reach of 4,933,548, link clicks at 49,808 and over 23 million impressions!

The average return on ad spend across the whole year was 11.04, giving us a return on ad spend of $4.23 million! Amazing!

The client is extremely pleased with these results! They continue to work with us and we’re looking forward to continuing to these great results!

Sound great? Have you got an eCommerce business that’s not getting leads? We can get great results like these for your business! Get in touch with us to book in a free consultation!

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