Local Lead Generation: How to run profitable Facebook ads as a local business

Local Lead Generation on Facebook

If you’re a business that offers services to people in your local area, you’re in luck. One of the hardest parts of generating leads on Facebook is knowing how to target the right people. But with local businesses running local lead generation marketing, you don’t need to over complicate your targeting: simply target people in the area you operate in.

I’ve worked on 100’s of local lead gen campaigns over the years and know what works and what doesn’t.

Let’s take Chiropractor’s for example – often they want to serve ads to people in their local area, inviting them to pay $99 for a consultation.

But that’s a pretty unsexy offer, right? Why would you spend $99 with someone you don’t know?

You might get the occasional sale, but nothing consistent and predictable. In this article I’m going to walk you through three steps to generating highly qualified leads through Facebook.

3 steps to generating profit from your ads

1. Advertise an amazing offer

First we want to serve an ad to people with an offer they can’t refuse.

If you’re a chiropractor, this might be something like a free massage.

If you’re a dentist you might offer free teeth cleaning. It needs to be something that’s exciting enough for the person seeing it to take action.

Yes, you’re going to lose money on this initial offering. But that’s cool.

Your focus here is lead generation and getting people into your practice.

Once they’ve taken the action and signed up for your free offer, we need to…

2. Follow up with the leads

The real (hard) work starts AFTER we’ve generated the lead.

One of the hardest things about generating leads online is following up effectively. Often you can get your campaign up and running, totally excited as you see the leads coming in… only to find that none of them answer the phone/reply to your emails!

What’s the solution?

I find a good way to get people engaged with you is to simply follow up with a question. The question can be whatever you like it to be, but it’s sole focus is to generate a response, via text, email or phoning.

You’re still losing money at this point.

Still, that’s okay, as we can…

3. Upsell to higher-ticket services

The magic happens once the leads is in the door and you’re providing the free treatment/offer as you’ll be able to spot other areas you can help them.

If you’re a dentist, do they need braces? Do they need fillings? Do they need teeth whitening?

If you’re a Chiropractor, is their spine misaligned? Do they have postural issues?

THIS is where you make your money. On the upsell.

I totally understand the urge to try and sell straight away. Because you need sales and you want a quick return. But it doesn’t work like that.

Doing that would be the same as standing in the middle of the street asking people to buy your stuff. It’s not gonna work is it?

Obviously this has to be legit – if someone comes into the practice and doesn’t need any extra help, that’s fine! You can’t just try and sell something they don’t need.

I know this system might be quite daunting as it requires a lot of time and investment up front. You might even want to change it up to suit you and your business. That’s cool! The main thing is to try, test and iterate.

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