Social Media Jobs Edinburgh: Top Tips For Getting The Job

Social Media Jobs in Edinburgh

Being a social media agency in Edinburgh, we’re often approached by graduates looking for jobs or seeking advice on how to get a job in the social media space. As an agency owner, I wanted to share my top tips for standing out and getting a social media job, despite the competitiveness of the market.

Understanding the platforms

It is absolutely vital to have an understanding of the different social media platforms. You need to know what sort of content works on each platform.

It’s not good enough to take one piece of content and use it across all the different platforms, without tailoring it to each one. For example, how do you take a blog post and promote that through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? You need to promote it natively on the platform.

Understanding the psychology of the people using the platforms

This, for me, is a huge differentiator. It’s the one that would make any candidate stand out for me. Being able to understand not just the platform, but the mindset of the users on that platform will ultimately determine the success of any campaign.

Many businesses still try and promote directly through social media. You’ve probably seen their “buy my stuff” posts.

They don’t work. Let me explain why…

People simply aren’t in “buying mode” when they’re on social media. Think about what you go on the likes of Facebook for… you go there to speak to friends and family. You go there to watch funny videos; to be entertained. Not to buy.

If you understand this, you’re on to a winner because when you’re coming up with creative ideas for a campaign, you’ll be thinking about the user and how you can provide them value. Which leads nicely on to…

Being able to think creatively

The social media space is a hugely competitive market. But all agencies love creative people. To come up with a creative campaign that actually generates real business results can be tricky.

I’m not saying if you’re not creative you can’t get a job in social media. But having a creative head will definitely help.

Specialise in one area

I believe the agency world is changing. I think we’re going to see a lot more agencies specialising in certain areas, such as Facebook ads or PPC, rather than going full service. You’ve heard the quote:

Jack of all trades; master of none

That’s why I took the conscious decision to focus on Facebook ads. But what has this got to do with getting a job in social media?

Well if you can master social media as a whole, but focus in on one thing, such as Facebook Advertising, you become a lot more valuable. You become a much bigger asset to the company you’re working for.

Start building your own brand

This is something I think is hugely important for anyone, not just those after social media jobs. Start building your own personal brand.

Starting writing, filming videos or doing something to get your thoughts out into the world. It doesn’t necessarily need to be about social media. If you can show a prospective employer that you’ve built a social media following yourself, they’re going to have a lot more confidence in your ability to do that for them or their clients. They can also see your style and can make a better decision on whether you’re a right fit for the company.

Again, it’s about building your authority and showing how much value you can provide.

There’s my 5 top tips for finding a social media job in Edinburgh. This article is just my opinion, but as a social media agency owner in Edinburgh, these are the things I’d look for.

I want to know that you understand the platforms, the users and that you will be a valuable member of the team. In fact, if you follow all the above tips, you’ll probably find agencies head hunting you.


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