The Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in Scotland

best facebook advertising agency scotland

Facebook continues to dominate all social media platforms.

With over 2.9 billion active users logging in monthly, Facebook is the most used social media application… ever.

Looking at Facebook through a marketing lens, Social Media Examiner found that 89% of marketers use Facebook to reach their audience.

With a potential reach like that, it’s essential to take full advantage. The quickest way to do that? Find an agency that can help you create campaigns that generate leads and sales.

However, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best agency for you. Where do you start?

Well, a good place to start is on your own doorstep. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best Facebook advertising agencies in Scotland. There are some great advertising agencies in Scotland and I hope this list gives you a good sense of the market.

What Makes a Great Facebook Ads Agency?

In the past, we’ve made other blogs about agencies like the top Meta advertising agencies and the best digital marketing agencies.

The credentials of a great agency are similar regardless of the channel(s) they specialise in, but because we’re focusing on Facebook advertising agencies, let’s focus on what specifically makes them great.


Firstly, you want to ensure the agency has a deep understanding of all things Facebook. Do they know the best practices to get the results you want? Are they Meta partners?

Do they work with brands that have budgets similar to yours? This will help you decide whether or not they’re right for you. Do they specialise in Facebook ads, or is it just an additional service they offer on top of their actual expertise?

For more information, we wrote an article on what you should ask an ad agency before deciding to work with them.

Experience & Proof of Results

Do some research into the agency, see who they’ve worked with in the past and their relevance to your industry. Have they got a documented (and proven) process? Do they have proven results on Facebook?

Take a look at their case studies and examples. This way you can see the results they’ve achieved and get an insight into their strategy.

Clear communication

It’s important when hiring any agency to know whether the money you’re investing is resulting in a positive return on investment. Your agency should be able to communicate this to you clearly.

Set your goals and be clear with your Facebook ads agency on what you expect from them. Make sure they are communicating frequently and being transparent with you. They should feel like an extension of your team.

Data Tracking and Reporting

Data is arguably the most important part of advertising.

The best agencies know how to read, analyse and adjust campaigns to drive the best result. They also know how to turn that data into something that you can easily read and understand.

Be aware of agencies that will use data to confuse you. It’s important that you own the data. When working with an agency, make sure that you own the ad account they’re running ads from. This stops them from holding your data hostage if you ever decide to end the partnership.
With all this in mind, let’s jump into our list!

The Best Facebook Ad Agencies in Scotland

#1 Yatter

Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in Scotland

Yatter is a results-first advertising agency, specialising in generating leads and sales online. Our approach as a Facebook marketing agency is led by creative insights and data-led decisions to ensure maximum results for our clients. We’re only interested in tangible business results.
We’re a preferred Meta Marketing Partner (previously known as a Facebook Marketing Partner) and manage over £5m in client advertising spend each year. Something you don’t get to do without generating big returns!
All services include copywriting, design and creative support, a dedicated account manager and campaign management and optimisation. Essentially, everything required to get results online.
We are a leading Meta marketing trusted by businesses across the UK (and the world) including Slaters Menswear, The NHS, Chelsea FC, and Fraser Hart.
If that sounds good to you, you can book a free consultation here.

#2 Drop Kick

Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in Scotland

Drop Kick Marketing are a digital marketing agency based in Central Fife. They pride themselves on their Facebook Ads strategy and their retargeting process.

They are Facebook Marketing Partners and offer other services such as SEO and Google Ads.

#3 Uniq

Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in Scotland

Uniq is a digital agency brand based in Edinburgh that provides Facebook Ad services as well as YouTube and landing page design.

They work with a variety of different industries including property, heating installation and furnishing.

#4 Click Boost

Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in Scotland

Based in Glasgow, Click Boost is a Facebook Ads agency and Meta Business Partner. As well as Facebook ads, they also create custom landing pages and funnels.

They have worked with GoFibre and Home Detail on their Facebook campaigns and other paid ads.

#5 Attacat Ltd

Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in Scotland

Founded in 2003 in Edinburgh, Attacat Ltd are Facebook-certified Media Planning Professionals and create cross-channel strategies so you can spread your Facebook Ads across the social media universe.

They have worked with Nordic Outdoors and Robertson Homes.

#6 Clean Digital

Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in Scotland

Clean Digital run highly targeted paid marketing campaigns across Facebook. They provide bespoke PPC management, and consultancy, and help upskill in-house teams on PPC.
Based in Edinburgh, Clean Digital has worked with brands like Macdonald Hotels and Dobbies.

#7 Lane Agency

Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in Scotland

Based in Edinburgh, Lane Agency provides paid social media services like Facebook and Google ads. They are also Facebook Blueprint Certified.

Lane Agency have worked with Fairfax and Favor and Nairns. They also have their own podcast.

#8 Checkpoint

Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in Scotland

With 7 years of experience in Facebook Ads, Checkpoint are a digital marketing agency specialising in Facebook and Instagram advertising.

They have worked with brands like Race Space and Rejuce.

That’s a Wrap

At Yatter, we’ve worked with 100s of businesses in Scotland. Whether you’re looking for a Facebook ad agency specifically, or an agency that can help you with your digital advertising (across the channels) be sure to get in touch.
Click here to book a complimentary consultation.

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