The Best Health and Fitness Advertising Agencies

Health and Fitness Ads Agencies

There’s no doubt that the health and fitness industry is highly saturated. Possible solutions to health problems are everywhere, so consumers are bombarded with sales messages at every turn. So if you run a fitness business, you need to find a way to cut through the noise and find those leads.

Good ads will make a world of difference, but how do you find the best fitness advertising agency to help your health and fitness brand stand out?

Local ads for health and fitness

The health and fitness sector can include businesses such as gyms, swimming pools, spas, and wellness centres. Or smaller businesses, including fitness instructors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors.

For businesses like yours, where you find clients in your local area – you’re looking to attract customers based on their location.

The great news is that ads for ‘local’ businesses can offer excellent conversion rates, which means turning people who are interested in your brand into people who buy your products and services. Conversion rates for local ads typically have far better potential than non-local ads.

This is because local ads can be more targeted – especially if you work with an experienced digital marketing agency with knowledge of the health and fitness industry.

Local ads are also likely to be less competitive too. If your direct competition run poor ads or none at all, this is your chance to stand out and capture that local market.

To see what we mean, check out our advice on local lead generation or read about a chiropractor we helped generate hundreds of qualified leads for their premium service.

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What to look for in a health and fitness ads agency

You’re the expert when it comes to health and fitness, so there’s no one better than you to share advice and knowledge with your audience.

But that doesn’t mean that creating Facebook Ads and optimising them to get a great return will come easily… You might decide your brand needs a fitness digital marketing agency to help you out.

Getting expert help is a wise move, but it’s a big step. So when you’re researching fitness ad agencies, what should you look for?

1. Health and fitness industry expertise

Choosing a marketing agency that understands the problems you face in health and fitness is really helpful. Of course, your chosen ad agency doesn’t have to be dedicated only to health and fitness, because experience across varied sectors is helpful too.

But choosing an agency with a proven track record in helping health and fitness brands with their online ads – like Yatter – will give you peace of mind that they know what they’re doing.

2. Multi-channel expertise – Google, Facebook and TikTok

When it comes to advertising, it’s likely you’ll want to place your ads across several different platforms to get the best exposure to your audience.

That means choosing a health and fitness ad agency that can help you across platforms like:

  • Google – which is ideal for local ads (plus, almost everyone uses it)
  • Facebook – great at targeting a particular audience
  • TikTok – one of the fastest-growing social media apps, which lends itself perfectly to promoting your health and fitness brand

Not all health and fitness ad agencies will offer this level of expertise, but at Yatter we cover all these platforms.

3. Creativity and innovation

When you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help you with ads for your health and fitness brand, you want to make sure they can cover all aspects of the process for you.

Can they write ad copy? Help with design? Edit videos?

Choosing an agency that can do all of these for their clients keeps everything simple: there’s no having to liaise with different agencies and providers to get the ads your fitness brand deserves. And yes, Yatter covers all this for our clients.

4. Data-driven approach

Once your ad is out there, it’s no good if its performance isn’t being monitored and optimised. Make sure you choose a health and fitness marketing agency that cares about data, and who will tweak your ads to get the best possible returns.

We’re all about the data at Yatter, so we never stop checking that your ad is delivering on expectations.

Who are the best health and fitness ad agencies?

There are lots of top ad agencies who could help you with ads for your health and fitness brand. So who should you choose? We’ve brought together a list of some of the best agencies to get your research started.

Since we’re not going to include ourselves in the list of top 4 health and fitness ad agencies, we’re going to start by telling you a bit about us.

Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in Scotland

Overview of Yatter

We got tired of hearing about the bad experiences our clients have had with other ad agencies, so we decided to do things better.

We help clients with ads on Google, Facebook, and TikTok, and we do it with honesty and originality. The team at Yatter likes to bring positivity and fun to everything we do, so if that sounds like the kind of way you like to work, give us a shout.

Health and fitness ads clients we’ve worked with

The health and fitness industry is one of Yatter’s zones of genius as an ads agency. We’ve helped a health centre find almost 700 new leads, increased lead flow for a gym by 189%, and brought over 1600 qualified leads to a wellness centre.

Yatter ad agency ratings

Don’t just take our word for it, though: Google reviews show we’ve got 5 stars from 26 ratings (it might even be more by the time you read this!).

It’s always wise to compare marketing and advertising agencies before you settle on the one that’ll suit your health and fitness brand best, so here’s an overview of some of the other well-regarded businesses in this space:

1. K2L

K2L Marketing Agency

K2L is a generalist marketing agency. They work with aspirational lifestyle brands to provide services as broad as digital marketing, brand design, packaging, campaigns and ads.

Health and fitness ads clients they’ve worked with

In the health and fitness sector, they’ve worked with nutrition, supplement and protein brands.


K2L don’t have many reviews on Google, just 2 with 5 stars. However, on Facebook, they do have 9 5-star reviews.

2. Alloy Marketing Ltd

Alloy Marketing Agency

Alloy Marketing is another generalist marketing agency helping brands with everything from their brand design, website design, SEO, and ads.

Health and fitness ads clients they’ve worked with

Among other sectors, Alloy Marketing has helped health and fitness brands such as Pilates instructors, a gym, supplements companies, and personal trainers.


Alloy Marketing has 6 5-star ratings on Google.

3. PPC Geeks

PPC Geeks Ads Agency

PPC Geeks take care of all things PPC, providing ads across all major social platforms, as well as managing E-comm and creating landing pages.

Health and fitness ads clients they’ve worked with

PPC Geeks work across many industries. In the health and fitness sector, they have experience with brands in protein powder, kits for active dog owners, and gym equipment.


PPC Geeks has just 3.9 stars on Google, however many of these ratings were given some time ago.

4. Mabo

Mabo Ads Agency

Mabo can help with SEO, social media, and ads across several platforms. They work across several sectors, not just health and fitness.

Health and fitness ads clients they’ve worked with

The case studies on Mabo’s site show they’ve worked with a camping and outdoor store based in Bristol.


Mabo has a star rating of 4.8, from 111 reviews on Google.

Choosing the best health and fitness ads agency

When it comes to health and fitness marketing agencies that could help your brand with online ads, there are plenty out there to choose from.

You’ll need to do a bit of research to make sure you choose the right ads agency –

  • what service level will they provide?
  • does their expertise suit your needs?
  • what is the cost to hire a fitness marketing agency?

You don’t want to end up paying someone who will set up your ads and then ignore them (and you). The only way to optimise the return you get from your ad investment is through continual review and improvement.

A good place to start is with a free audit – you’ll get to find out what help you need and how an agency might help you. You’ll even get a feel for whether you’ll get along with them, which matters for a good, long-term working relationship.

Ready to find out how your health and fitness ads are performing, and what you could do to boost the returns you’re getting? Get in touch with one of our specialists to book a free audit and find out how Yatter can help you sell more.

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