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Why TikTok Ads?

Lead Generation Agency - Yatter

TikTok users come to the platform to discover new products and be inspired by how others are using them.

Smart Funnel

All over TikTok are niche communities, so you'll always find one for the type of brand you are.

Increase Personal Brand

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users, and the average users open the app 8 times per day.

Quality Lead Generation

TikTok has by far the biggest organic reach out of any social media platform, allowing you to rapidly grow your brand presence without paying for advertising.

Split Testing Ads

TikTok has developed its own ads platform, which works effectively for all types of business.

Increase Personal Brand

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Wave goodbye to being ignored. Never feel left out of the process again.

You don't have the time or skills

Your team could spend hours researching the latest changes in advertising. Or you could hire us? Saving time (and making more money!)

You’re ready to grow

You offer incredible services. You just need more people “through the door”. We’ll bring a consistent stream of leads & customers.

TikTok Ads Management

Get incredible results with TikTok advertising.

Whether your customers are millennials or not, there's no getting away from the fact TikTok advertising is an incredibly powerful ad platform.

1. Drive conversions

Our team of TikTok advertising experts will craft TikTok ad campaigns that drive conversions on your website such as purchases and sign-ups.

2. Increase website traffic

Whether you're looking to promote content or generally just promote your brand, web traffic campaigns can be a great way to bring lots of clicks at a low cost.

3. Drive app installs

If you're looking to get more people to download your app, TikTok is an excellent platform to do just that. We'll create powerful campaigns designed to bring you the best cost-per-download possible.

What's included?

Bespoke strategy

We have a rigorous onboarding process that allows us to extract all relevant information about your business and put together a TikTok ad strategy that works. ​

Industry-leading support

Customer experience is everything to us, which is why we have a continuous and proactive approach to client communication. We report back to all clients on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.​

Conversion focussed

We're only interested in tangible business results. We track every conversion, so you can see where your money is going - in real-time.

Campaign management & optimisation

Successful TikTok ad campaigns require continuous management and optimisation. We check in on client accounts every day to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Design & creative support

Creative is one of the most important aspects of any TikTok campaign. Your account manager will guide you regarding the types of videos and ads that are most likely to work.

Dedicated account manager

All of our clients receive a dedicated account manager who will ensure you have a great experience with Yatter. They'll be on hand whenever you need support and will report back to you regularly on performance and actions.​​

How it works

We don’t just set up campaigns and hope for the best. We work through our proven 6-step process.


Game   plan





Step 1 - Discover

We run comprehensive audits on you, the market, and your competitors to determine how we can maximise your results.

Step 2 - Game  plan

From the discovery phase, we create a game plan that precisely outlines how we'll deliver speedy results.

Step 3 - Foundations

Once we’ve mapped out our plan, we get to work on setting your campaign foundations: tracking, pixel implementation, CRM integrations etc.

Step 4 - Create

Once the foundations are in place, we build your ad campaigns using our proven frameworks & processes.

Step 5 - Optimise

Once the campaigns are live and running, we monitor them every day to optimise where possible - driving down your CPL and increasing ROAS.

Step 6 - Scale

Once we’ve found consistent & profitable results, we look to scale your budget whilst maintaining ROAS. Thus, driving an influx of customers to your business.

Why Choose Yatter ?

Conversion focused.

Lead Generation Agency - Yatter

We manage over £3m per year in client advertising spend - something you don’t get to do without turning that into profit!

Smart Funnel

We’re an official Facebook Marketing Partner

Increase Personal Brand

We’ve stress-tested our systems with 100’s of clients across the world

Quality Lead Generation

We operate with complete transparency: you hold all data, you own the ad accounts and you have access to everything we do.

Split Testing Ads

We don’t have long-term contracts. Just a 90-day agreement up front followed by monthly rolling. No set-up fees.

Increase Personal Brand

We don't shy away. Here's how we report back to you.​

Daily dashboard

Using your customised dashboard, you can see what's going on every single day.​

Weekly check-ins

We'll send you weekly updates via email confirming what we're doing and what's working.

Monthly reports

Each month, we'll create an in-depth report and jump on a call to discuss.

Quarterly planning

Each quarter, we'll have an in-depth team meeting to discuss future strategies for your account.​​​

Most agencies make promises.
We give you proof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every client has different needs and goals, so we base our fees on each individual situation. Sometimes, a percentage of ad spend makes the most sense. Other times, a flat fee works better. Most importantly, there won’t be any nasty surprises.

We partner with a wide range of clients spending as little as £2,000 per month up to and beyond £500,000 per month.

Once we have everything we need from you (all covered in our simple onboarding process), your campaigns will be up and running within 7-10 days!

Tying clients into long-term contracts ain’t cool. We kick things off with an initial 3-month agreement before moving to a rolling monthly basis. The average client stays with us for 10+ months.

Once your campaigns go live, you’ll get access to a live reporting dashboard, which you can access at any time. Your account manager will keep you updated weekly via email. Each month, we’ll meet with you to present an in-depth monthly report. Finally, each quarter we meet internally to discuss your campaigns before presenting our findings with you.

Nope! Any ad campaigns created will be included in your monthly fee. Nobody likes nasty surprises.

There’s no getting away from the fact iOS14 has made our job harder. But that’s no problem for us! We use a combination of platform data and your own internal tracking to monitor performance. You’ll know how every penny is spent.

All our packages come with graphic design and video editing support to help take the creative load off your shoulders. If you have an in-house creative team, your account manager will lead them on what to create. There’s no such thing as too much content!

Much like our creative support, you’ll also get access to our expert copywriters, who will write ads that are guaranteed to convert. We’ve written thousands of ads over the years, so we know what works.

You own everything. Don’t worry; we’re not a hostage-taking agency. Anything we put together for you is yours to keep.

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