Best PPC Agencies in the UK – Ranked

“Who are the best PPC agencies in the UK?”

If you’re looking to launch or improve your current PPC campaigns, that’s a great question. However, finding a great PPC agency is easier said than done.

If you’re like most businesses, you’ll have experienced your fair share of bad experiences.

From holding your data hostage to terrible communication and shady practices, we’ve heard it all.

That’s why we’ve created this list of the Top 13 PPC Agencies in the UK to ensure you know what makes a good PPC agency, and which ones are respected and trusted.

You might be questioning why we, a PPC agency, are listing some of our “competitors” on our site. Well, we’re not ones to shy away from the competition and we feel it’s important for you to understand the market whilst choosing your PPC agency.

Why do you need a PPC agency?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a highly effective form of digital marketing. When people talk about PPC, they are often referring to advertising on Google. However, we use PPC as a term to encompass all digital advertising: Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.

PPC is a great way to grow your business. Its quick delivery make it effective and adaptable for a wide range of budgets. So whether you’re spending £500 or £500,000 per month, it can work for you.

Compared to traditional forms of advertising, it’s much easier to track and pinpoint a specific message to your target audience.

Getting the most from your PPC campaigns can take years of experience and an enormous amount of time, which is why it’s crucial to partner with an agency that has proven results.

What Makes a Good PPC Agency?

The Right PPC Channel

Firstly, you need to find a PPC agency that specialises in the platform you want to use. Or, if you’re unsure, an agency who can consult with you to determine the most appropriate channel for you.

Some agencies only do search campaigns, whilst others mostly do social media campaigns. There’s no right or wrong answer here, you just have to decide what’s right for you.

Ensure the agency has case studies for the channel you need support with.

Data and Analytics

Data is arguably the most important part of PPC advertising. As soon as you start spending money on any of the channel, you gather data.

The best agencies know how to read, analyse and adjust campaigns to drive the best result. They also know how to turn that data into something that you can easily read and understand. (Bad agencies will often use the data to confuse clients  – so they don’t notice their bad results!)

It’s important that you own the data. When working with an agency, make sure that you own the ad account they’re running ads from. This stops them holding your data hostage if you ever decide to end the partnership.

Clear communication

It’s important when hiring a PPC agency that you know whether or not the money you’re investing is resulting in a positive return on investment. Your agency should be able to clearly communicate this to you.

They should also keep you in the loop about what they’re doing, what’s working and what’s not.

Set your goals and be clear with your PPC agency on what you expect from them. Make sure they are communicating frequently and being transparent with you.

With all of this in mind, let’s jump into our list of the Top 13 PPC Agencies in the UK for 2022.

#1 Yatter

Hey, that’s us!

Yatter is a results-first PPC agency, specialising in generating leads and sales online. Our approach as a PPC agency is led by creatives insights and data-led decisions to ensure maximum results for our clients. We’re only interested in tangible business results.

We’re a preferred Meta Marketing Partner and manage over £5m in client advertising spend each year. Something you don’t get to do without generating big returns!

All PPC services include copywriting, design and creative support, a dedicated account manager and campaign management and optimisation. Essentially, everything required to get results online.

We are a leading PPC Agency trusted by businesses across the UK (and world)  including Slaters Menswear, The NHS, Chelsea FC, and Fraser Hart. So, if that sounds good to you, get started here.

#2 Loud Mouth Media

Loud Mouth Media are a PPC and social media advertising agency with offices in Belfast, Dublin, London and Glasgow. They create cost-effective search campaigns to reach your specific audience and help optimise your website to perform better in search engines for your target keywords.

Havig the status of a Google Premier Partner as well as Facebook and Bing partners, they have worked with Harry Corry, BBC and Volvo.

#3 SEO Works

Third one in top 13 PPC Agencies in the UK for 2022 is SEO Works.

SEO Works provide search engine optimisation and PPC management services across the UK with offices in London, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. All of their PPC Account Managers are Google and Bing qualified and advise which channels are most effective for you needs, assess competition and advise budgets.

They received the award for Best PPC Campaign at the Northern Digital Awards after working with a diverse range of clients including law, manufacturing, financial services and healthcare industries.

#4 Herdl

Herdl describe themselves as thriving “on new challenges and enjoy tackling projects of all shapes and sizes”. They are an award winning, lead-generation PPC agency based in Leicester, Nottingham and London.

They are an accredited Google Partner Agency with qualifications in Facebook and Bing ads, and have worked with Mcdonalds and Aviva.

#5 PPC Geeks

Next up in the top 13 PPC Agencies in the UK for 2022 is PPC Geeks.

PPC Geeks are well experienced and are in the top 3% of Google Premier Partner for 2022. They manage £1.5+ million in Google Ads every month and have McLennan, MCUK Fitouts LTD and Hy5 as their clients.

On their website they express that they will eliminate wasted advertising spend and focus on strategic business goals by taking a data first approach.

#6 Knowlton

Knowlton is a family run marketing business founded by two brothers in Kent. They use clever paid social medias ads to pinpoint and nurture ideal customers. They provide full access to ads, performance data, revenue generate and additional reporting on chose KPIs. 100% transparency.

Award winning and trusted by clients, they have worked with Nestle and FIFA.

#7 Impression

Impression are an eCommerce PPC agency of young but experienced experts, with offices in London and Nottingham. They work with a wide range of contextual signal and bespoke in-house optimisation software to get products in front of those with a high probability to purchase. Moreover, they give their clients full access to data and encourage them to take full advantage of audits and analytics.

The winners of the Best Use of Search B2C (PPC) at the 2021 European Search Awards and have with Experian and Gazebo Shop.

#8 Gecko Squared

Gecko Squared generate £10k revenue a month by setting up Facebook ad campaigns, creating framework strategy and ongoing development based on campaign results, and monthly management.

Gecko Squared also provide Facebook ad coaching programmes and have worked with Valentte and Coppermoon.

#9 This is Digital

This is Digital are a PPC agency based in Chester who provide Paid Media management service to brands of all shapes and sizes. They use in depth keyword research to reach your target audience and claim to use anti-clock fraud software.

With a five-star rating on Google Review, This is Digital are well trusted and have worked with Dandys, Cost Cutters UK and Eden Retreats.

#10 Digital Uncut

Digital Uncut are a B2B PPC agency based in London who help start up and scale up companies. They do channel planning and testing, and competitor research to achieve success. They also carefully translate you copy if you want to launch in a different country.

Their clients are diverse as they work with brands in technology, eCommerce, retail and hospitality services.

#11 PPC Machine

PPC Machine use a unique system of Google Ads and other PPC advertising platforms. They work on campaign creation, result analysis and landing page optimisation. They also provide training and coaching in Google Ads.

#12 Maple Forest

Maple Forest are a PPC management agency based in London who specialise in accelerating and sustaining online business growth and sales revenue using Google Ads PPC and Paid Social channels such as Facebook.

They are a Google and Bing Partner and create for many social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube.

#13 Bind Media

Bind Media are a PPC agency based in Bath who take a multi-media approach to PPC. With high converting landing page designs and detailed reporting, they promise high business growth for your company.

They are a Bing and Google Partner and have worked with UpGuard and Gousto.

Finding the right PPC agency can be difficult! PPC is an effective way to gain revenue and traffic, however doing it wrong can cost you valuable time and money. That’s why you need a PPC agency who understands and cares about your brand, and can get you results. We hope our top 13 PPC Agencies in the UK for 2022 list helped you.

At Yatter our number one priority is loyalty. We are completely transparent with your data and won’t hold it hostage from you. Through our bespoke PPC strategy, we promise to get you the results you want and be a part of our team.

Click here to get started today.

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