How To Get More Video Views On Facebook

Get more Facebook video views

You spend hours planning, filming and editing your video.

You think it’s perfect. It’s going to go viral.

You look at insights to determine the best time to post.

You post it, and…


Sound familiar?

If you’ve posted content on Facebook before, I bet you’ve experienced that. I certainly have.

Getting views and engagement on Facebook (organically) is tough. Reach is at an all-time low, thanks to Facebook’s algorithm. Thanks, Zuckerburg.

A study by Hootsuite found the average post reach to be 8.1%, but even that seems relatively high these days.

But… it’s not all doom and gloom.

How we generated 1.8 million video views on Facebook in 2018

We can choose to complain about the Facebook algorithm.

Or we can accept it and play the game.

I choose to play the game.

You can learn how to in this free Facebook training on how to get more video views 🙂

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