The 4 Best Landing Page Software Options For Business Owners

best landing page software - guide

Looking to build a funnel but not sure what landing page software to use?

Or maybe you struggle with tech and want to build web pages easily?

Well, you’re in luck, my friend!

In this article, we’re going to explore the best landing page software providers so you can create funnels and landing pages quickly and easily; with no need for coding or design experience. 

We’ll examine the pros and cons of each platform, and walk you through some of the significant benefits of my Top 4 choices. 

I’ll show you the unique features of each; including the ability to create landing pages that dynamically adjust their content based on who lands there. 


Why Do I Need Landing Page Software?

The sole focus of a website is to drive business results: to encourage your visitors to take action. You want your visitors to engage, to explore your site, to enquire about your services, and – ultimately – to buy. 


Most websites are too generic. They’re crammed with information and distractions (especially if you use on-page sponsored advertising). 

And if your site lack focus – the customer’s journey becomes opaque and easily distracted. 

Put simply; your visitor doesn’t know where they’re supposed to go to become a customer.

The Importance Of The Sales Funnel

The purpose of your funnel is to precisely “funnel” your visitor through all the steps required for them to make that conversion – without distractions, unnecessary information, or opportunities to change their mind. 

Landing pages are the first step of that funnel.

Designed for one specific action: conversion. We create them to give the visitor a more compelling experience; guiding them towards that all-important sale. 


You probably don’t have the time to spend hours and hours creating dedicated web pages every time you embark on a new campaign. 

I’ve done it: I’ve created funnels on a basic website. It takes forever.

No fun at all.   

You want something that’s quick and easy. That’s where landing page software providers come in.

What should you look for in your landing page software?

When it comes to landing page software, you need a simple interface to create your funnel, and the ability to run tests so that you can determine what works for your marketing campaign; and what doesn’t.

A great landing page platform should offer:

  1. A simple-to-use Drag & Drop visual editor so that you can build your page quickly (with no design or coding knowledge).
  2. Easy integration with your email marketing and CRM systems so that you can follow your leads. 
  3. Great analytics that presents the performance of your campaign in an easily digested format. 

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through my top 4 landing page software providers:

I’ll talk about their features and their prices to help you decide which is suited best to your specific needs. In no particular order…

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What is Instapage?

Landing page software - Instapage

One of Instapage’s main benefits is its simplicity.

You don’t need coding or design knowledge – it’s a straightforward platform that offers all of the things that you’d expect from a landing page provider.

They have everything you need to turn clicks into high-value customers. And they do this through what they call “Post-Click Automation”.

What’s unique about Instapage is the ability to tailor your landing page and funnel dynamically. The text and the content changes, depending on who is looking at the page. 

Crazy, hey?

This sounds super complicated, but it’s actually pretty straightforward to control. 

Instapage claims that 96% of online ads don’t convert because you take them to a generic landing page which does not directly serve the individual’s needs. They claim that their Post-Click Automation increases your conversion rate by 16% (compared to the industry average). 

Pretty good.

The Pros of Instapage

  1. Heat Mapping that shows us how visitors are interacting with the content; where the hotspots are, and which areas of the page are leaving your visitors decidedly cold. 
  2. Easy to use and manipulate so that you get exactly what you’re looking for.
  3. Has a clean feel to the platform, making it a pleasure to use the software to create a super-slick landing page. 

Some of the other landing page providers offer ease of build, but the resultant page can look a bit clunky and old-fashioned. Instapage has ease of build, and it looks super-sharp at the same time. 

According to GetApp, 92% of their Instapage reviews are positive – which is brilliant. 

The Cons of Instapage

  1. Mobile-optimisation – people have been saying that they’ve found it difficult to create mobile-optimised landing pages on Instapage. It’s essential to have compatibility across platforms, so this could be a significant drawback. 
  2. Slow loading pages – some people have reported that Instapage landing pages are slow to load. Slow pages are very likely to negatively impact your conversion rate. 
  3. Customer support – I’ve been told that customer support can be poor.  

Instapage Pricing

Instapage is $199 per month, and they have a 14-day free trial. 

What is Leadpages?

Landing page software - Leadpages

Leadpages is one of my favourite landing page builders. 

Again, it’s straightforward to use and the analytics are easy to access and understand. 

At $37 per month for the cheapest package, it’s undoubtedly one of the most affordable options. 

If you’re just starting out, Leadpages might be the platform for you. It comes with plenty of handy and customisable templates that you can easily change to meet your needs. 

If you have a simple campaign – such as a free give-away or a basic contact capture page campaign – then Leadpages will do everything you need.

And what’s more, it comes with mobile-responsive templates out of the box. 

They offer two types of template: one that you can’t edit but is easy to set up, and those that are more malleable if you’re more technically inclined. 

What are the Pros of LeadPages?

  1. Easy to use – a simple Drag & Drop interface. Their standard templates are less editable, but they do allow you to edit pictures and text.
  2. Responsive support team
  3. Virtually no learning time required. This is one intuitive platform. You can get started pretty much straight away. 

GetApp states that 90% of Leadpages reviews are positive (which is less than Instapage). 

What are the cons of LeadPages?

  1. Missing features on the basic plan. You don’t get useful features such as A/B testing on the basic plan. I will nearly always run two different landing pages side-by-side to see which one works better. This helps you to learn your craft – recognising what works and what people just don’t respond to. 
  2. Lacking customisation. Although Leadpages offers one of the most straightforward paths to setting up landing pages and funnels, the standard templates can be too rigid to be useful for your business.

LeadPages Pricing

Cons aside, at $37 a month, it’s a great path into creating useful landing pages and basic funnels which incorporate “thank you” pages (which can help you track the success of your Facebook ads).   

However, for $97 a month, you can get additional features such as customisable sales funnels and sales integration capability.

What is ClickFunnels?

Landing page software - Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels does all the same things as the previous platforms, but there’s more:

It also allows you to create basic landing pages and sales funnels, all the way through to webinar funnels to free book funnels and video sales letters. More than just a landing page provider, ClickFunnels is a complete sales solution, allowing you to set up a checkout and payment capabilities, etc. 

If you’re looking to sell a product or build out a more complex funnel, ClickFunnels might just be your platform. 

What are the Pros of ClickFunnels?

  1. Easy to use – it’s a Drag & Drop environment that’s super-simple to use. They offer templates and comprehensive guides for creating your funnels.  
  2. Mobile Optimisation – ClickFunnels has the all-important Mobile-First strategy embedded into its functionality. If something doesn’t look right on the mobile site but looks good on a desktop, you can edit the mobile version without affecting the desktop version.
  3. Suitable for larger sales funnels – If you’re asking for money, ClickFunnels is much better than some of the competitors. Whereas LeadPages is useful for simple landing pages, you can set up more sophisticated – and, therefore, more persuasive – sales funnels here. 
  4. Split Testing feature – test one landing page against another to see which is the more persuasive. 

What are the cons of ClickFunnels?

  1. Can feel clunky – I’ve found that there are times where the editing environment is reluctant to respond. Some of the software in the webinar and membership environments doesn’t always work brilliantly. 
  2. Customer support isn’t very good. When you ask for support, your query actually goes to other ClickFunnels users (who they pay). Sometimes, therefore, it can take a while to get your question escalated to an actual ClickFunnel engineer if the first-line support can’t help. 

GetApp reports a positive review rating of 90%.

ClickFunnels Pricing

There are two pricing levels: one at $97 per month, the other at $297 per month. Both come with a 14-day free trial.

The $297 package includes email marketing services as well as Clickfunnels’ very own version of Netflix, called FunnelFlix. I’ve got it. It’s pretty neat!

I shared my honest review of ClickFunnels here.

What is Unbounce?

Landing page software - Unbounce

Unbounce call themselves “the leading landing page platform”. Essentially, they do the same as all the others featured in this article: Unbounce allows you to create landing pages and funnels easily.

They claim to be one of Canada’s fast-growing tech company serving 15,000 customers. Not just that, they claim they’ve had over 650,000 conversions through their website.

Unbounce has clients such as the New York Times, The Red Cross, and Hootsuite.

What are the Pros of Unbounce?

  • Simple Drag & Drop Interface
  • Over 100 free templates
  • Access to Unsplash – the free stock-image gallery. This gives you access to a massive portfolio of professional photographs to use for free within your funnels and landing pages. 

What are the Cons of Unbounce?

  • Tailored to Enterprise-Sized Clients – they might not be suitable for the small-business owner. They say that they do cater to the smaller demographic, but they seem to feature much bigger players on their site. 
  • Fewer Features
  • Harder to Use – suggesting they’re targeting themselves at businesses with a dedicated marketing team, perhaps. 

GetApp has reported a 94% positive review rate – the highest of all the platforms we’ve reviewed so far. 

Unbounce pricing

Unbounce starts at $99 per month and offers a 14-day free trial. Their Enterprise package is $199 per month. 


As you can see, all four of the platforms offer similar features and pricing structures. They all offer a free trial, so take advantage of the trial period to give each one a couple of days. See which one works better for you. 

Essentially, they all fundamentally deliver the same thing – no one platform is better than the other (as demonstrated through the GetApp customer satisfaction ratings). 

They all produce the same type of thing: what matters more is which suits your brand and your business. 

The tools that I’ve had the most experience with are ClickFunnels and LeadPages. If you’re working with a reasonably modest budget, and you’d like to create simple, two-page landing page funnels (such as a landing page and a thank-you page), then LeadPages might be the best one for you. 

If you’re looking to create more sophisticated landing page funnel combos and you have a higher budget, then ClickFunnels – in my experience – will do the job perfectly for you. 

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So, there you go. My recommendations for creating simple and complex funnels, using platforms that make the task a breeze. 

If you’re looking for an agency to support your landing page and advertising efforts, get in touch today. 

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