Chiropractor Facebook Ads: Step-By-Step Guide To More Patients

Chiropractor Facebook Ads Seminar

If you’re a chiropractor, Facebook advertising is the best way to generate more leads and patients.

No other platform allows you to pinpoint people in your local area, driving them into your practice as well as Facebook does.

I’ve worked on hundreds of Chiropractic campaigns, spending well over $1million in advertising – so I know what works and what doesn’t work.

In this article I’m going to share how Chiropractors can use Facebook ads to grow their practice.

1. Have a compelling offer

The biggest mistake Chiropractors make on Facebook is creating an ad, offering discounted services (such as 20% off), to people in their local area. Strangers, effectively.

This doesn’t work. The people you’re serving the ad to don’t know you, trust you or care about your discounted service.

…until you make them care.

Which poses the question… how do we do that?

We do that by providing value upfront. There are lots of great potential offers you can use as a Chiropractor, such as free:

  • Content
  • Massages
  • Consultations
  • Guides/ebooks
  • Educational seminars

The one I’m going to focus on in this article is the free seminar funnel. I’ve run hundreds of chiropractor ad campaigns and the free seminar offer is one of the most successful.

Offering free educational seminars as a Chiropractor

Like I said before, people don’t care who you are when they first come across you. They certainly don’t trust you.

You need to offer them something of value up front. Something compelling enough to make them pay attention.

With seminars, you’re putting on a free event, providing value by inviting people to come to your office to learn about their specific problem.

We work with a lot of practices providing Stem Cell therapy, so we put on seminars, teaching people how Stem Cell Therapy is helping with issues such as chronic joint pain. We provide free tea and coffee and give the attendees a great experience.

By putting on a free seminar, it allows you to:
1. Position yourself as an expert
2. Give people the option to attend if they’re interested
3. Meet and greet potential patients (building trust)

We use Facebook ads to fill the room full of people interested in learning more about Stem Cell. But the sale happens in person. Here’s how it works.

Chiropractor free seminar Facebook funnel

It starts with the Facebook ad:

Example of a chiropractor stem cell seminar Facebook ad

We create adverts like this and serve them to people in the local area around the practice/seminar location. We don’t even add on any interest based targeting here. Facebook is smart enough to find the right people for us.

Once someone clicks on the ad, we send them to a ClickFunnels landing page, where we provide more information about the seminar and give people the chance to sign up.

Here’s an example of what that landing page could look like.

Stem Cell Therapy Clickfunnels


Typically with a campaign like this, we want to run it for 7 days before the seminar. If your seminar is on the 25th, you want to start your campaign on the 18th. This is to give Facebook enough time to reach everyone in your audience.

We’ll look to spend between $1,500 – $3,000 per seminar and will achieve a cost per sign up of between $15-$60 per person.

Once your campaign is running, the next step is to…

2. Follow up with everyone that signs up.

The real (hard) work starts AFTER we’ve generated the lead.

It’s vital that you follow up with everyone that signs up for the seminar. When you’re running ads to cold traffic for a free event, it’s common for only 50% to show up.

You need to do everything you can to get those who signed up to attend. Here’s how to do that:

When someone clicks on ‘request my seat’ on the landing page, this pops up:

Stem Cell Therapy Facebook Funnel

The pop up asks everyone that signs up for their phone number and email address. This means you can follow up with them.

They’ll get automated emails reminding them of the seminar but you also want to phone every single person that signs up, not just to remind them, but to answer any questions and to be helpful, such as providing directions.

We’ll often use SMS reminders as well as retargeting ads on Facebook to people who have signed up as well.

With the retargeting ads, we create a custom audience of people who have visited the seminar sign up confirmation page, serving them an educational video about Stem Cell’s, so they’re more informed when they turn up.

Once you’ve got your sign ups and have followed up with them all, it’s time to…

3. Present and Pitch

Now you’ve got bums on seats for your seminar, it’s time to present a kick ass seminar.

The people that have signed up for the seminar are there to learn more about how specific treatments can help their problems, so you need to give them that.

It’s an educational seminar first and foremost.

If you provide a seminar that helps the attendees understand their problems and pain points, chances are they’ll want to take things further and work with you.

It’s all a maths game

If you spend $3,000 and manage to get a cost per sign up of $50, that’s 60 people signed up. If 50% of those then attend, you’ve got a room of 30 people.

Now you know how many you need to convert to make this worthwhile.

For Stem Cell Therapy, treatments can be $5,000+ (never mind ongoing care) so you only need to convert 2-3 of the people in the room to make this all worthwhile.

If you then start putting on 2-3 seminars a week, you can see how it’s possible to scale your practice, bringing in more patients.

This is how we run Chiropractic Facebook Ads for practices all over world. If you’re a chiropractor and you’re not using Facebook ads/seminars, now is the time to start!


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