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The Yatter Wheel Proccess

This is what we call the Yatter Wheel.

It is the underlying methodology we use to get incredible results for our clients.

We’ve been able to craft our very own methodology that has been battle tested with hundreds of businesses across the world – allowing them to scale.

This methodology works in every niche and industry it has been tested in… because it’s not a “tactic” or a “hack”. It’s a system based on human psychology.

We work with you to create content that helps you achieve “celebrity status” in your area – before deploying marketing funnels to generate leads & customers – predictably.

After spending millions of dollars in Facebook ads, building 100’s of funnels and generating 10,000’s of leads…

About Yatter Lead Generation

How we drive GROWTH

Aberdeen FC Facebook Results

Facebook Ads

Pinpoint the perfect customer

We create powerful Facebook ad campaigns directly from your ad account to pinpoint the perfect customer, driving them to enquire about your services.

Facebook Ads For Lead Generation
Landing Page for Lead Generation

Landing pages & CRO

Get more conversions with optimised landing pages

It’s all well and good driving high-quality traffic to your site, but if your landing page and funnel isn’t optimised for conversions… it’ll never succeed.

We build high-converting landing pages & funnels to improve your advertising performance.

How it works

We don’t just set up campaigns and hope for the best. We work through our proven 6-step process.



We run comprehensive audits on you, the market, and your competitors to determine how to achieve the best results for your business.

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Plan your marketing

Game plan

From the discovery phase, we create a game plan that precisely outlines how we will achieve fast results.

Get Started


Once we’ve mapped out our plan, we get to work on setting your campaign foundations: tracking, pixel implementation, CRM integrations, etc.

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Once the foundations are in place, we build your ad campaigns using our proven frameworks & processes.

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Once the campaigns are live and running, we monitor them every day, optimising wherever possible. We drive down your CPL and increase your ROAS.

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Once we’ve found consistent & profitable results, we scale your budget while maintaining ROAS - driving an influx of customers to your business.

Most agencies make promises.
We give you proof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices start from $2,000 but we’ll let you know the exact cost when we speak.

Once we have everything we need from you, it takes 7 days for your campaigns to go live.

We work closely with you to determine what a lead looks like, then build a campaign specifically towards that.

We hate hidden fees as much as you. Once we’ve told you how much it’ll cost, there will be absolutely no extra costs from us.

We aim to get you to a profitable mark within a couple of months, but typically you’ll see leads within a few days of our campaigns going live.

We kick things off with an initial 3-month agreement and then it’s month-to-month from there.

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