Case Studies

Light Up Bristol

Home Case Studies Light Up Bristol £278,065.32 in sales for Light Up Bristol in Christmas advertising campaign. Over £275,000 generated Over 250,000 people reached Most sales ever Why did we approached it like this? We implemented our Black Friday campaigns before the competition in order to get people really interested in our offer at the

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How We Helped An E-Comm Store Achieve a ROAS of 11.89

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know all about Black Friday, and you’ll see that it’s become a regular pre-Christmas sale for many e-commerce and physical brands. We’ve all seen the clamouring hoards climbing over each other for bargains in physical stores, and – quite rightly – that puts many people off even

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Clinic Lead Generation

Michigan Integrative Health

Home Case Studies Lead Generation for Integrative Health Michigan Integrative Health Cost per lead reduced by 79% Cost per lead just $22.16 Over 50,000 video views 100’s of qualified leads generated About The Client Michigan Integrative Health is a regenerative medicine practice dedicated to helping those with chronic and degenerative conditions. They provide drug-less, nonsurgical

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Diabetes Lead Generation

Toronto Gym

Home Case Studies Lead Generation For Gyms Toronto-based Gym $60,000+ In Annual Recurring Revenue $60,000+ in New Annual Revenue 70,000 people in Toronto reached 50 new annual paying members About The Gym Under NDA, we can’t disclose the name of the gym. However, they are based in Toronto and have an average membership cost of

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Superdrive Academy

Home Case Studies Local Business Lead Generation Superdrive Academy How we helped Superdrive Academy become the Fastest Growing Driving School In The Country £7,000 Return from first campaign 12 New hires made as a result of ad performance About The Client Quite simply, Superdrive Academy teaches people how to drive and pass their driving test

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Membership Site Facebook Ads

Scotts Bass Lessons

Home Case Studies Facebook Ads For Membership Sites 1,822 New Members With A ROAS of 5.8 Over 30,000 messenger bot sign up Over 7 million People Reached 20,665 leads generated About is the world’s largest bass guitar membership site with over 25,000 members. With over 950,000 YouTube subscribers at the time of

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Steel Building Lead Generation

Murray Steel Buildings

Home Case Studies Lead Generation For High-Ticket Services Steel Building Provider Sees A 397% Increase In Leads 397% Increase In Leads 200% increase in website traffic £5.57 Average CPL About The Client The client supplies and erects more steel structures across Great Britain than any other company. Their 15+ years of experience and expertise makes

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